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Hong Kong Company Formation- Things You Must Know

Today, most of the entrepreneurs, old or new choose to set up or expand their business in Hong Kong not just because of the judiciary but also because of the tax benefits that the market here provides.  If you score Hong Kong in terms of business destination then it will remain on the top because of its strategic location, political and economical environment and also work force that you will get which is necessary for the growth of business.
hong kong company formation
If you are still thinking about Hong Kong company formation then listed here are some benefits which can be an answer to all your questions.
  1. Hong Kong is called the heart of Asia because it is located in the centre and will connect you to all the major markets in the Asian Pacific region. You can travel to the major cities of China including Beijing, and Shanghai within a single day. The location of Hong Kong connects you to Mainland China which helps you move on and create connections for growth of business.
  2. Getting transport for travelling to different cities in Asia from Hong Kong is also not difficult. The airport here is considered to be one of the busiest international airports. Hong Kong International Airport connects you to 150 destinations and there are more than 85 airlines to make travelling smooth. You can also take ferries to reach out to cities and towns connected through water.
  3. It is very easy to setting up a company in Hong Kong. You just need about two week’s time to register and start business in Hong Kong. Getting a place for setting up business is not very difficult. You can easily decide on the premises for Hong Kong company formation.
  4. Tax system in the city is favourable and perfect for foreign investors. Foreigners can easily apply for work visa and get started with their business in Hong Kong.
  5. Tax is something that most of us think about before starting any business. Hong Kong is known for its lowest taxations. Talking about salary of personal income, the slab just starts at 2% and goes up to a maximum of 17 % which is lower than any other cities. There is no tax applied on dividends or interests. Tax is not applicable on capital gains. Moreover, corporate tax is also low in Hong Kong which makes it a perfect destination for forming business.
  6. Government of Hong Kong provides immense support to companies to help them grown. The supports provided by them are in form of programs and financial incentives.
  7. The immigration policy in Hong Kong is also very liberal. People from about 170 countries can enter Hong Kong without visa for a span of 7 to 180 days. If you are planning to visit Hong Kong for just signing some contract or for a new dealing then visitor’s visa is available.  You can apply for work visa depending on your business needs. Work visa is perfect if you are planning to relocate and form your company in Hong Kong.
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