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Deadly Microwave Ovens: Fact or Fiction

Microwaves today have become an essential appliance in almost everybody’s kitchen. Microwaves over the years have slowly replaced our conventional stove and oven. Its ease of use and convenience meant that people easily welcomed microwaves to their kitchens. Keeping your food heated up couldn’t have been any easier with microwave. Aires Technology, through intense research and trials, has uncovered and developed a reliable microwave shielding device that offer radiation protection better than any other product out there. 

When it first came along, people often held the belief that it would contaminate food and cause adverse health effects too. Fast forward today, almost every modern kitchen has a microwave in it and nobody can underestimate the convenience it provides. Most people later bought into the idea that it did make life easier.
Here are some not so popular facts about microwaves: 

·         In a microwave oven, food may be heated for so short a time that it is cooked unevenly, since it takes a considerable amount of time to diffuse through food and it microwaves cannot penetrate deep. One of the major functions of microwave oven is to reheat already cooked food. However, if the temperature did not reach the required level it may not kill the bacteria, resulting into food borne illness.

·         It is important that foods are arranged properly so that they are heated evenly in a microwave and it should be checked periodically to ensure some parts are not heating more than others. Ice for example absorbs the energy from the microwave slower than liquid water. It is important that foods are defrosted properly before cooking to ensure a more even temperature.

Some dangers:
·         Liquids can superheat (that is reaching temperatures higher than the boiling point without actually boiling) in a microwave when placed in a smooth surface container. The boiling process can start explosively when the liquid is disturbed. This can cause steam burns.
·         Microwave fire can arise when metals are placed inside the microwaves. Metal objects are good conductors and therefore are not meant to be placed inside a microwave, as they can trigger an explosion or fire outbreak.
·         Be careful that homemade popcorn bags placed in the microwave do not have metallic staples or bindings as they can set the bag ablaze when heated. Failure to be meticulous in your dealings can be detrimental because of the extremely flammable mixture of popcorn and oil in the bag

What about Radiation?

·         Microwaves produced after 1971 in some countries are required to meet the safety requirements for radiation leakage, less that 5 mW/cm2 at 5 cm from the surface of the oven.
·         Microwave radiations are considered safe. They emit non-ionizing radiation which is considered safe at minimal exposure to humans.

In summary, following the products manufacturer’s guidelines and rules are the best way to ensure safety when using a microwave.

As long as you keep in mind that some items like metals are not meant to go into the microwave, you should be fine. And NO the radiation from a microwave will not give you cancer or cause any harm to you only if the manufacturer’s instructions are followed carefully.
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