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Pool Heaters Extend the Swimming Season For Both The Above Ground Pool And Inground Pool

These days, the typical above ground pool is so well-disguised in the yard that it looks like an inground version. Adding a deck or patio around the pool enhances the appearance of the area and makes people forget they are swimming above yard level. These pools are huge, with oval versions ranging from 12x24 feet to 18x33 feet. Whether selecting one of these or spending the extra money for an inground model, consider purchasing a pool heater.

After saving up enough money to purchase this structure designed for family-fun, consumers often realize they will only use it for a few months each year. Not everyone resides somewhere that experiences pleasant temperatures year-round. More likely, it will not be warm enough to open the pool until late May or early June and the area will be closed up tight long before the trick or treaters ring the doorbell.

Tell Mother Nature to go pound sand by purchasing a pool heater. Solar, gas, and heat pump models are available to meet the energy needs of every pool owner. Raypak makes a gas heater with a digital pool temperature setting. Durable unit design prevents rain, wind, and debris from entering, allowing operation during those blustery fall days. Pool owners can set the water temperature to their liking and let the stainless steel burners take care of the rest.

Models carrying brand names like Versa II are available in either propane or natural gas. Both types are efficient, featuring an 80 percent or higher operating efficiency. More heat is delivered per unit of fuel, warming the water while conserving energy. Those who have both a pool and spa will appreciate the dual temperature controls offered on all models. Independent control of the spa and pool water temperature means no more complaining swimmers.

Heat pumps are the most economical way to heat pool water with power. High energy efficiency and the almost complete lack of chemicals make pool owners rest easy. Heat pumps transfer heat from the air to liquid refrigerant. The liquid boils as it absorbs the heat, becoming gas. This warm gas is drawn in by the compressor and when it is compressed, its temperature drastically increases. This now-hot gas is discharged to the condenser coil and the heat transfers to the pool water.

This sounds like a very efficient process but there is a heater that is even more efficient. It uses the power of the sun to heat the pool. Not only is the swimming season extended, the pool heating bill plummets, sometimes disappearing entirely. Slap some solar collectors on the roof and start taking full advantage of those daylight hours.

Swimming in heated water during colder days is pleasant and is also good exercise. Neighbors head to the local indoor pool, grumbling all the way about the traffic. Make their lives easier by inviting them to take a swim in your heated pool. The next day, they will probably head to the pool store to purchase heaters for their own pools.

Whether you own an above ground pool or an in ground pool, you are going to have needs to keep it operational. Whatever you need, poolstorecanada.ca can more than likely help you at a reasonable price. For more information, visit the website today!
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