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Toronto Drying Equipment form the Best Service

When a situation in any building gets to the degree of flooding and mould and general high humidity, it is time to call in the professional, experienced services capable of providing the right equipment for you to rent and clean up. You can get technical advice and guidance as well as premium services if you cannot handle the job yourself. Even the first signs of minor flooding in a Toronto basement means that 24 hour emergency services may be needed. They offer premium equipment rental and full professional drying services regardless of the time of day or the time of year and this would be an example of a premium solution.

Vacuum and Drying

With a flood situation, a number of pieces of equipment must be brought in to improve conditions as rapidly as possible and Lemarg is an example of a good company with all the right equipment. This will include advanced drying equipment like heating units and vacuums which can handle sucking up water. This eliminates collected water from either flooding or long term excessive humidity. Sometimes a combination of both issues are presenting a problem and solutions will be conveniently and rapidly provided to alleviate these problems. 

The immediate situation will require vacuum units and drying units. The other type of equipment which will be needed is an industrial dehumidifier to take the moisture out of the air, as it is constantly accumulating during the drying process. In order to avoid re-condensation, this moisture must be removed from the air immediately and at the strongest pace which can be managed with the proper equipment rental and the right guidance. Both are easy to find right in the immediate area at any time of day.


Removing humidity is a major issue and it is all too often overlooked. This is because humidity is invisible, so we don’t really think about it until masses of mould or strange water damage is occurring with equipment. Then we begin to ask where the water is coming from. Where is this mysterious, non-flood, non-leaking water coming from and how is it collecting around the components? 

The answer is that the water is coming from the water in the air all around. Humidity is a measurement of concentration of water in the air. High humidity means larger concentrations of water in the form of a gas than low humidity does. Lower humidity typically occurs in colder environments, but sometimes, such as in Canada, this cold humidity finds its way to rise in buildings and begin to collect on walls and important equipment, causing damages.

The solution is to remove the water from the air and to do so literally using the most advance dehumidifiers in the world. Basically, as extremely dry air is pumped into the area, the moist air is sucked away and the water is removed and then it returned as more dry air. Heating and vacuum units are often used in conjunction with this to provide a masterful drying job which literally reaches into every nook and cranny which even air itself can reach into. End up with an expert job when you employ expert services.
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