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Who says Web Designing is a dying Profession?

There has been a rise in many ready templates online. In fact, non-technical site owners can also create good looking websites in matter of minutes of their own by using some of the professional ready-to-go design template sites. In fact, the hue and cry of the end of web design profession started with the article written by Sergio Nouvel that was published in 2015’s UX Magazine. 5 symptoms were earmarked by Sergio to support his hypothesis, pointing at the sheer death of the web design.

However, in the same article he also pointed out that the demand for US designers will be on the rise, as always. The observation of Sergio Nouvel may be partially true but should not be taken as the ultimate truth. In fact, the web designers having long years of experience will always be in demand and the reasons are listed below –

Web Security as well as Maintenance 

When it comes to securing websites, companies don’t compromise because any wrong move can permanently damage reputation in the market. In the same manner, three things that are extremely important for SEO or Search Engine Optimisation are web design, web structure, and definitely website maintenance. It’s the vulnerability of the websites that the hackers try to take advantage of. If that happens, sensitive information of the clients is likely to get leaked.

To make required security patches, some trained and experienced professionals will always be in demand. This is where the professional web designers will always be in need. More importantly, experienced web designers will always be needed by the complex e-commerce websites and other web designing companies in India because of the need to deal with the different complexities.

Specialised Online Branding 

It’s being widely accepted that web designers mainly have the work of facilitating quality content delivery, keeping in mind perspective of the content, specialised branding messages, and many more. That’s the reason why it has been seen that the web designers have not been included in the IT team and are rather included in marketing team. In another article written recently by a professional web designer noted the fact that the designs should be able to forward vital aspects of the brand.

In fact, she went on to say that there should be integration between web designing and marketing. That’s the reason why it has been proposed by many industry experts that a web designing company in India must teach their web designers about branding, marketing, and content so that the designers are able to provide much more at less time (as the number of mock-ups required for change will decrease.

Specialized Web Functions
Web developers as well as designers need to evolve with the changing online scenario. That’s why their knowledge diversification matters a lot and has become a need of the hour. Some of the important things that the web designers can learn to remain relevant are customised blogging, Android coding, customisation of apps, and many more. If this can be done by a designer, he/she can definitely say that web designing is not at all a dying profession but an evolving one.

Does the Designer has marketing/Branding Expertise too?
This is an important question to answer for the web designers because of the fact that shows how much they have evolved. If a web designer is able to strategize and make marketing activities work that’s the best thing that could happen to a web designing company in India.

It’s an Art

Web design is an art and there are many elements that are needed to be incorporated for getting the best out of the presentation. Some of the elements that can enhance web design’s importance are layouts, videos, colors schemes, infographics, background, fonts, and many more.

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