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Honda Dio Color Trends– The Sporty looking Scooter in Trendy Shades

Honda is one of the most prominent names when it comes to manufacturing vehicles. Apart from cars and bikes, they have also ventured into scooters and left a mark in the industry. With its launch of Honda Activa, everyone was pretty sure that this is a company that understands the needs of Indian customers. With its new offering called as Honda Dio, they want to reinstate the same and prove themselves once again that they keep on innovating no matter the levels of their success.

If you want to buy Honda Dio, you would be confused on which color to purchase since it looks so stunning in all of them. We have enlisted all the Honda Dio colors available which you can buy, have a look and decide for yourself.

Colors in which Honda Dio is available

There are five different colors in which the new Honda Dio is available, each one of them looks stunning but the final choice depends on your preferences. If you are looking to buy this amazing sporty scooter, you might love to check these Honda Dio colors.

Matte Axis Grey (New)

This is a new color version of the scooter that has been recently launched by Honda maybe because most of the people who wanted to buy it wanted this color to be available. This grey shade which comes on Honda Dio is unlike the other grey shades that we usually see in the scooters in India. It is named as Matte Axis Grey and lives up to its name as the color has got a matte finish to it.

Jazzy Blue Metallic

The color Jazzy Blue Metallic is specially targeted for boys and men as it looks totally bold and stunning. The shade is dark in color and as the name says metallic addsa meaning to the color and you can spot it by the sleek look it shows. If you are looking for something funky yet not so over the top, this color is definitely the ideal choice for you.

Candy Palm Green

Green is the most popular color choice for those who are purchasing the Honda Dio. If you want a playful, cool looking color that suits the design and style of the scooter, the candy palm green is the perfect choice for you. Although it is not everyone's favorite but the people who are inclined towards greenish shades will like it more.

Sports Red

Red is the only color in the lot which is suitable for both, men as well as women. If you are a woman and want to purchase Honda Dio, we would highly recommend it to be in Sports Red color. It looks absolutely stunning after all the decals and the graphics that are put on it. It is also a great choice for men who love the color red and want to purchase a scooter in that color.


Black is the ultimate color that looks great on probably all types of vehicle. Since the Honda Dio is designed in a sporty way, black looks even better on it. Although there is no special type of black introduced by Honda and it is just plain black, the scooter still looks absolutely stunning in this color.

The Last Words

All these Honda Dio colors look brilliant on the scooter and you can choose the one you like. We have detailed you how each color is targeted and how it looks, this will certainly help you choose a particular color for the new Honda Dio. Even the design and style of the scooter is made keeping in mind the youth of the country so as to please them and Honda has succeeded in it.
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