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Know About Mr. Ilker, The MD of an International Energy Consulting Firm

Crude oil has become the global choice for fuelling vehicles. There are many companies located in the United States who specialize in global energy market analysis and intelligence. These companies offer retainer client services, as well as personalized consulting, on a wide variety of topics in the global crude oil, natural gas, petroleum products, coal, agriculture, biofuels, electricity, and emissions markets. One such firm is the well-known PIRA Energy Group.
Alpman Ilker is the managing director of Oil and Natural Gas Liquids at PIRA Energy Group. He makes sure that the clients in this company receive the most innovative, autonomous, and commercially focused services on energy market research in the business. Mr. Ilker has been with this company since the year 2013. 

Prior joining PIRA Energy Group, Alpman Ilker has been associated with Glencore as a crude oil trader from the year 2008 to 2012. Earlier to Glencore, Alpman has been working at Chevron, where he held various designations such as

  • International Crude Oil Trader
  • Supply and Trading Analyst
  • Refinery Planning Analyst
  • Chemical Engineer
Alpman has also been associated with United States Marine Corps from the year 1992 to 1996. 

Mr. Ilker started pursuing his career after completing the Master Degree program in Business Administration from The University of Texas at Austin - The Red McCombs School of Business. Before MBA, he completed B.S. in chemical engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. His vast skills and experiences in the field of petroleum, energy, oil and gas, natural gas, trading, commodity markets, downstream oil and gas, contract negotiation, chemical engineering, energy market has helped PIRA Energy Group to meet its objectives. 

Under the supervision of Alpman, PIRA ensures that every facet of the market for natural gas liquid or NGL is inspected which include supply, inventories, demand, trade flows and infrastructures. Alpman says that by contacting with PIRA one can get a vast range of energy research products and services such as:

  • Research and analysis
  • Expertise
  • Data tools
All these services can be tailor made in order to suit the business needs. Apart from Mr. Ilker, the professionals from all areas of the energy market work together in order to provide the clients with the total view. Gary N. Ross, Ira B. Joseph, Mark A. Schwartz, Richard L. Joswick, Allan M. Stewart, Richard M. Redash, Bruce H. Pickover, Peter J. Meyer are some of the other professionals who work in order to provide the clients with the right solution.

The market awareness and proficiency in evaluating short-, medium- and long-term worldwide energy markets can be of huge importance to experts, dealers, fuel buyers, strategic philosophers, and financial managers worried about energy markets. Thus, people who are interested to get more information on the NGL’s can consult directly with Alpman Ilker, the managing director of PIRA Energy Group. 

So, consult with the experts to understand the industry background for assessing NGL product and equity investments or to know about global production, trade and consumption of NGL.

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