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The Contribution Of Mr. Naul As A Financial Services Executive

Finance executives manage expenses, income, investments and other money transactions so that their organizations stay cost-effective. The financial services executive deals with money and also produces and examines financial reports such as cash-flow declarations and profit forecasts, determine methods to mend financial performance, and make sure that their establishments meet all appropriate standards, rules and regulations.
President Alan Naul Javelin Group has the responsibilities of supervising the company’s strategies for developing healthcare real estate in the area and all over the country. He has guided investments in facilities and groups that offer assisted living and memory care to the older population. In addition, he and his senior leadership team at The Javelin Group, LLC, have been able to complete the construction of thirty five properties all through the six states while holding in excess of $100 million in equity assurances.

Alan Naul has been the part of the Javelin Group since 2003. Javelin Group Inc. is a real estate asset management company that focuses on senior living care facilities along with the hospitality industries. Based in Texas, financial services executive Alan Naul Javelin Group has spent more than a decade as a managing director with The Hampstead Group in Dallas. As a managing director, he has worked with the company’s real estate and corporate investments, particularly those in the healthcare and hospitality industries. Mr. Naul started with his employment career after completing the education from Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University where he received a degree in BBA program.

Job Responsibilities of Financial Services Executive:

Alan Naul says that the job responsibilities of a financial services executive may vary depending on the type of company he or she is working; however, there are some common job responsibilities that are followed in every type of establishments such as:

  • Raising the funds required
  • Working capital management
  • Allocation of funds
  • Control of Funds
  • Preparing annual accounts
  • Safeguarding securities
  • Presenting financial reports to top management
  • Making financial adjustments in times of liquidity crisis
  • Valuation of the firm at the time of acquisition and merger
  • Instructing clients about investment options
  • Managing money from different sources
Apart from this, the financial service executive is responsible for understanding and employing new accounting systems and procedures. They at times analyze and offer recommendations on the viability of accounting information system proposals and will determine if proposed systems meet user information necessities and conform to accounting policy.

In addition to being a renowned financial service executive, Alan Naul has the passion for adventurous sports. So, when he is not working or in the spare times he loves participating in hiking, snow skiing and traveling. Moreover, he is a devoted follower of local professional sports; and follows Dallas Cowboys football and Dallas Mavericks basketball closely.

Alan has been able to take his company Javelin Group LLC. To the new heights as it is one of the leading organizations in the United States that makes strategic investments in assets that fund a range of assisted living and memory care facilities, senior communities, and skilled nursing workers.
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