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Creatine for Daily Spplements: Why Should Use Creatine if Our Body Produce It?

What is Creatine ?
Creatine is an organic acid nitrogen that occurs naturally in the body, and it is found naturally in some foods such as beef and tuna. In the body, creatine is naturally created by combining three amino acids; arginine, methionine, and glycine. Although there is a creatine to be natural supplements, many body builders buy anabolic steroids which has many damage to their body.

Creatine serves a number of important roles in the human body, but the most important aspect is its role in energy production. In simple terms, creatine supplementation can increase the body's natural ability to produce energy quickly.

Although there are some food sources of creatine, Bodybuilders can get more benefit byuse a creatine supplement. In fact, creatine is considered the most effective supplements, and is widely respected both in the gym and in the laboratory.

The Benefits
Creatine is known by most people as one of the best supplements for bodybuilding - maybe even the best, depends on who you ask! But why is that? Why are millions of weightlifters and bodybuilders taking creatine each day?

It’s simple, creatine can help you lift more longer. Creatine increases the body's ability to perform high intensity training. It also extends the durability, which allows you to do workout longer than usual.

Bodybuilders who started taking creatine to report a profit almost immediately in the short-term strength and energy. Creatine will not build muscle on your own, but it gives you a boost of energy required to push your workout to the next level, allowing you to build more muscle.

Because of these, weightlifters may get the following benefits of these supplements:
  1. Increases energy
  2. Increase strength
  3. Increase the size of the muscle
  4. Increase muscle pump
  5. Improving athletic performance
  6. Increase muscle protein synthesis
  7. improve recovery
To be noted of the last benefits: enhanced recovery. While research on the benefits of creatine is less thorough, there are few studies with very promising results. Although, one recent study found that, in terms of recovery benefits, creatine is more useful for runners of weightlifting, but the supplement is still showing some ability to protect the skeletal muscle during resistance training.

Creatine is one of the best bodybuilding supplements for the sustainable benefits for weightlifting exercise. Bodybuilders also buy anabolic steroids to get the same benefits as using creatine.

Creatine usually comes in powder form, and simply mixed into water or other liquids. Creatine is a supplement that is best taken daily. It will make the levels of creatine in your body build up to their optimal level slowly, and even after the level achieved you have to take a "maintenance dose" to maintain optimal concentrations of it.

A typical dosage of 5gr creatine per day. It is generally best to take creatine before exercise, but once you have built a good rate on your system when your dose is not too important.

There is much debate over the best time to take creatine, but as long as you take your daily dose, time should not make a big difference. Do keep in mind that creatine should be taken every day, not just on a day-to-day practice. Some people like to cycle on and off creatine, though research on whether or not this is effective not conclusive.

The Side Effects
Creatine is considered safe to take long term. For most people, does not cause serious side effects. The most common complaint is a little weight. Creatine causes your muscles to take in more water, which is part of the reason it is beneficial for strength training.

Furthermore, this additional water also means a little extra weight. But do not worry - it's just water weight, and it will go away when you stop taking the supplement. Creatine can also cause bloating, especially in women.
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