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Cup Sleeves Are Best Way To Drink Hot Beverages

Nowadays, cafe businesses are becoming very popular around the world. Coffee sleeves are perfect for coffee shops, office coffee stations and any other establishments offing hot beverages to go. The purpose of the coffee sleeves is to act as a customer comfort item designed to protect the finger from the heat created from hot coffee beverages.  Bumps on the coffee cups are designed to provide the right amount of insulation to mitigate and the burning feeling is caused by the heat of the hot coffee being served in a thin paper cup. By using coffee cup sleeves, you can protect your customer’s hand and save money. However, you can keep your customer’s favorite drinks like hot chocolate, coffee and tea with the recycled cardboard coffee sleeves. Coffee sleeves are the perfect product for coffee shops, coffee bars or stores because they can be easily stacked next to your lids and stirrers or placed in a sleeve dispenser for organized storage. 
 Features of Coffee Sleeves
ü  They are biodegradable
ü  Give easy to grip texture
ü  Locks in place with heat activated adhesive
ü  Coffee sleeves provide thermal hand protection
ü  They are Eco-Friendly and renewable
ü  Now, options available for printing multiple messages with different artwork in coffee sleeves
ü  Online retailers offer highest quality waterless offset printing and full background printing
ü  Coffee sleeves use maximum personalization using multiple graphics, icons and text.

Now, you can bring your coffee sleeves to life with amazing full color graphics and logos. The coffee sleeves are produced in highest quality on the market and the online retailers offer sleeves with custom made from start to finish allowing for unlimited design in graphics at a very affordable price.  You should keep your customers safe from hot beverages and avoid extra costs from double cupping with coffee sleeves. The coffee cup sleeves are made from post-consumer paperboard and paper cup sleeves are a hundred percentages recyclable and biodegradable. The double walled construction features of the coffee sleeves an insulating corrugated interior with a smooth exterior finish, perfect for custom printing. 

Custom printed cups sleeves are a great way to advertise for your business or special event among the people. If you want the opportunity to see the cup sleeves before order, then free samples from the online are the great way to see your cup sleeves before you buy or order. You just place an order for free samples of plastic and paper cup designs which are available in the online and they will send out a variety of sizes and print styles to help you make your final decision to choose the coffee sleeves. Coffee sleeves are available at an affordable price on the internet. Coffee sleeves have many options for you to get the most out of the product heading out your door. The ceramic coffee cups get hot when adding a hot beverage but coffee sleeves make them perfect for handing. Therefore, people prefer coffee sleeves than ceramic cups. Coffee sleeves are perfect for today lifestyle.
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