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How to Design a Home Office That Will Keep You Productive

Home office and productivity. Are these two terms that just can’t seem to go hand-in-hand in your mind?

If so, you’re not alone. Many people find it difficult to work at home, but there are an increasing number of individuals who do so.

Working from home is on the rise as more employers are offering telecommuting options, at least part-time, for their existing employees, and also as people are increasingly turning to the concept of being online entrepreneurs and building blogs and websites, or offering products and services online as their primary source of income.

Whether you telecommute or you’re a solopreneur who’s focusing on building your income-generating blog, you need a home office. The following are some design tips that can help you become more productive and efficient.

Find the Right Location

If you’re trying to build a successful blog or online business and you’re working at the kitchen table, it’s probably not going to go well.

You need a dedicated office space, even if it’s a guest room.

That area needs to be quiet, and as far away as you can get from the primary gathering areas in your home. It’s even better if you can designate an office space with a door. If not, consider at least adding screens or dividers to give yourself more privacy.

Use a Spacious Desk

A desk can be essential for productivity. Rather than trying to sit in a chair and write on your laptop, having a desk can serve as a workspace that lets you keep your papers and other items organized, and by sitting up at a desk to work, you’ll feel more professional.

That sense of professionalism is likely to help you stay on track more easily than if you’re curled up in your favorite corner chair attempting to work.

Choose a Good Desk Chair

So many people don’t take the time to find the right furniture for their home office, but it plays a huge role in how they feel and how much they’re able to get done.

Along with choosing a spacious desk that will give you plenty of room, choose an ergonomic desk chair as well.

Don’t just use the kitchen chair you grab from the other room because it will hurt your back and if you’re uncomfortable, your level of productivity won’t be maximized.

Make Sure Your Technology Is Reliable

First and foremost, if you’re working from home, you need a secure, reliable internet connection. Make sure that you’re not wasting your time fiddling with slow internet, which may mean moving closer to your router and modem, or using a business-quality service provider.

You should also make sure all the other technology you use in your office, such as your laptop and printers, are in good working condition and are updated.

If you’re spending your day trying to figure out why your printer isn’t working or combating the effects of viruses on your laptop, you’re not going to be accomplishing all that you should.

In a general sense, if you want a productive home office, design it much in the way you would have an office setup in a traditional environment. There’s a reason offices in businesses are set up in a particular way, and that’s to improve productivity, so don’t think that just because you work at home, you shouldn’t have a similar environment.
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