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Land Rover Range Rover Evoque - Better than the BEST

There are not many brands that produce better SUVs than Land Rover. The company has almost had a legendary aura about it and has continued to produce some of the best SUVs in the world. The Land Rover Range Rover Evoque is another spectacular SUV that does everything right whether it is design, performance, engine, comfort or style. So let us take a look in depth as to what the Range Rover Evoque has in store for us.

  • Appearance-The Land Rover Range Rover Evoque comes with an elegant design that has the grace of a sedan but still keeps the muscularity of an SUV. Dimensionally the SUV comes with a length of 4355mm, a width of 2090mm and a height of 1635mm. The vehicle has a ground clearance of 210mm which gives it an upright stance. The front fascia is quite bold and lean while the side profile is subtle and graceful.
  • Interior-From the inside, the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque carries the same elegance that was observed on the outside with leather seats that oozes premium quality. The seats are comfortable as well with a more than decent amount of leg space for the passengers to stay cozy even for the long rides. The seating capacity is 5 which means 3 passengers can be accommodated at the back. The handles have chrome embedding that again brings out the plush ambience of the car. The central console system is quite useful as well whereas the entertainment system is also more than capable of keeping the passenger and the driver in sync with music. However with such top quality features the Land Rover Range Rover also has a hefty price tag associated with it. Customers can avail a used Land Rover in order to bring down the cash burn.
  • Engine-Under the hood the Land Rover Range Rover comes with a powerful machine in terms of both petrol and diesel variant. The diesel variant comes loaded with a 2.2 litre 16V SD4 Diesel engine that has a displacement of 2179cc and gives away 187.7bhp power at 3500rpm along with a 420NM torque at 1750rpm. The petrol variant on the other hand comes loaded with a 2 litre 16V Si4 Petrol engine that has a displacement of 1999cc and sheds a power of 237.4bhp at 3500rpm along with twisting away a torque of 340Nm at 1750rpm.
In both the cases the engine is mated to a four wheel drive setup and works in synch with a 9 speed transmission system.
  1. Performance-Both the petrol and diesel variants of Land Rover Range Rover Evoque are quite strong as far as performance is concerned. The petrol variant of the SUV can go from 0 to 100kmph in a span of 7.6 seconds whereas the top speed for the car is 217kmph. The diesel trim on the other hand is a bit slower with a top speed of 195kmph whereas it can reach the 100kmph mark from a standstill in just 8.5 seconds.
  2. Safety-There are plenty of safety features available with the Range Rover Land Rover Evoque as most SUVs are considered to be. The SUV comes with an anti-lock breaking system, parking sensors, central locking system, driver airbag, passenger airbag, side airbag front, side airbag rear, brake assist, door ajar warning, crash sensors etc. The suspension system is also quite strong with the car which makes sure that drivers are able to handle different terrains with ease and comfort.
Overall the Range Rover Land Rover Evoque looks incredibly compact that has a powerful engine and a magnificent design. There is plenty of competition to look out for but the brand name of the car should hold it in good stead.
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