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Learn about the Ways of Healthy Eating

Weston A. Price Foundation or WAPF has been founded on the basis of researches made by Weston A. Price. Dr. Weston A. Price is a famous dentist who claimed that animals that ingest green pasture offer nutrient rich meat and milk products which are essential for the body as it helps to prevent the disease from taking place. 

Geoffrey Morell is associated with Weston A. Price Foundation and has also co-founded P.A. Bowen Farmstead with his wife Sally Fallon Morell. He endorses and shares with people the way of healthy eating. He also talks about the benefits of a natural foods diet, in conjunction with the Weston A. Price Foundation. Mr. Morell is a naturopathic physician and has specialized in magnetic, intuitive and spiritual healing. His farm P.A. Bowen Farmstead produces the animal products that are devoid of the unsafe insecticides, GMOs and antibiotics and hormones. He supports the fact that consumption of healthy fats, red meats, and unpasteurized dairy is healthy as natural things are better over "artificial” or the processed and refined ones. P. A. Bowen Farmstead sells a huge variety of healthy products such as:

  • Artisan raw milk cheese making which is regulated by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene or MDHMH. Some of the significant cheeses produced here include Prince George’s Blue Cheese, Aquasco Jack, Dreamy Creamy (DC Cheese) and Chesapeake Cheddar
  • Traditional bacon and ham and sausage and bacon devoid of nitrate
  • Pastured veal and beef, chicken and eggs and seasonal turkey
  • Pastured dry-aged beef, as well as organ meats
All these products are free from the harmful chemicals and thus are much healthier and safer.

Geoffrey is basically from Newzealand but at present he is living near Washington D.C. in a recent interview stated that people who are strict vegan and usually eat whole, unprocessed plant foods are at increased risk of health challenges. However, by including the organic foods, red meats and unpasteurized milk; they can dramatically experience a better health. He further added that these foods contain essential nutrients that are not plentiful or present in all plant foods. Apart from providing the public with a healthier food choice, Geoffrey also opens up the farm for informative prospects of the people. 

The man on a mission is pleased to share his objectives and production procedures with new as well as knowledgeable farmers, supervisors and teachers. He also offers farm expeditions so that visitors can learn about the special integrated farming techniques that the farm follows. This type of farming is a complete farm management method which intends to offer more justifiable farming. It includes the best of the contemporary tools and techniques with traditional techniques as per the given place and situations.

Geoffrey Morell have issued several articles and blogs based on the significance of the grass fed livestock and why people should purchase grass fed animal product.

Being a supporter of Weston A. Price Foundation, Mr. Morell tried to help the common people to choose the healthier version of food.
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