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The Pros And Cons Of Using Natural Rugs Vs Synthetic Fibre Rugs

A carpet is something which stays with you in the house for a fairly long period of time. Carpets are expensive which is why you should take into consideration a lot of factors before finalising the carpet which you would add on to your living room. The two most important factors which should be kept in mind while using a carpet or rug is the texture and visual appeal. 
There are several wide varieties of colour, designs and textures available in various price ranges for customers to choose from.  Before you buy a carpet take into consideration these following points which can help you in making a decision

Natural fibres

Natural fibres are super absorbent and require more drying time than synthetic fibres. They are prone to get damaged easily by chemicals or stains. Some of them fade over a period of time and may attract moulds or insects. However, on the positive slide natural fibres are biodegradable and can be recycled over and over again. 

Sea grass rug, sisal rug, jute rug and other natural fibres generally have a coarse texture.  This coarse texture is a great boon for families with small kids or pets because they do not generate static electricity. They are significantly less expensive than wool and silk and can be used to cover large areas of space in the living room or the hallway.

Silk and woollen rugs

Silk and wool are two types of natural fibres, which are obtained from animals rather than from plants. Silk rugs are one of the most expensive rugs available in the market. They have a beautiful shiny texture and are extremely soft to touch. On the other hand wool is not as expensive and they used wildly in combination with plant-based fibre rugs like Floorspace seagrass rugs to give them a finer texture.

All woollen fibres carpet is stain resistant and has flame deterrent property. Their soft texture makes them easy to store. If you buy good quality woollen carpet you can use them for a period of over 20 years as the fibres in them would not break easily. Silk on the other hand has very high shine which tends to fade when exposed to alkaline detergent or sunlight. Cleaning silks can be a tricky job however you can buy washable silk rugs and mats which can be given for dry cleaning.

Synthetic rugs

Synthetic rugs on the other hand are made from petroleum based synthetic fibre which is obtained from a non renewable source of energy. Synthetic rugs are resistant to fading and retain their colour over a long period of time.  Some varieties of synthetic rugs are less expensive than natural fibres. Some synthetic drugs are made from polyester fibre which is obtained from plastic soda bottles and plays a big role in reducing the waste in landfills. has been working in this domain of natural fibres for a long period of time. They have a wide range of experience as far as natural rugs and carpets and quality checks are concerned. The company has some of the best designers of Australia on board who have painstakingly created marvellous designs on rough surfaces of sisal rugs and sea grass rugs with professional efficiency that is hard to match.
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