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7 Reasons to Start Using Live Chat Software

When it comes to online shopping and customer service, live chat has incredible benefits over email or phone calls. It gives customers the answers they want and need while providing a company with benefits too. Leaders in the service industry anticipate a growth of 87 percent regarding customer chat in the upcoming 12 to 18 months
Convenient for Customers
When customers are in the middle of the buying process, they'll often have questions. The easier you make it to answer their questions, the more sales you'll end up receiving. If a customer has to spend his or her lunch hour on the phone trying to get answers to their questions, they'll likely go to a competitor instead. Giving customers immediate access to get help means you'll stop them from leaving you for a competitor. This is just one way to retain your customers, but it's a huge one. 
Increases Sales
Businesses that use live chat will give customers immediate access to a live person to answer questions, but it also gives you access to those customers. When customers have a question about a product or service, they'll immediately get the answer. It's also gives the staff member a chance to upsell other products and services too. When customers are engaged with staff, it's much easier to sell them more products that will be a perfect fit.
Additional Customer Data
Customer data is vital to understanding your customer and his or her needs. The more data you have, the better you're able to track their purchasing patterns. Live chat gives you data regarding the operating device they're using, whether they're idle or viewing the site, how much time they've spent on the site and the number of visits. This data can help you cater special deals and promotions to visitors.
Faster Problem Resolution with Live Chat Software
When customers have problems, they will often search for online support documents that can easily answer their questions. They can't always find those documents. Live chat operators can provide links to the documents and help customers understand them. It cuts down on operator time spent answering questions that have answers already provided. It can save a huge amount of time resolving issues.
Multitasking for Customers and Staff
Customers who use live chat software are able to perform multiple tasks while chatting, which cuts down on wasted time. They're able to use live chat on their mobile devices while at work or doing tasks at home. Businesses find that they are able to take more than one customer problem, complaint or question at a time, which gives them the ability to multitask. It allows them to service more than one customer at a time. 
Reduced Customer Service Cost
Phone answering services charge for each minute that they are on a call with a customer. With live chat services, they are able to serve more than one customer at a time, which ultimately reduces the cost of the service compared to phone answering. On average, the members of the live chat team can handle more than 3 conversations at one time. 
Edge Over Competitors
If you opt to install live chat software on your website, you're giving yourself an advantage over the competition. It's a huge benefit to the business, but also for the customer. It's affordable for your business compared to customer service by phone. It'll stop customers from bouncing away during the buying process, and it'll give them a convenient way to contact your company immediately. Along with those benefits, it provides your business with the ability to upsell products and service. 
When your company uses the services provided by live chat software, you are providing your business with huge benefits like the competitive edge over other businesses in your industry. You're also providing customers with advantages that will cause them to stick with your company for all their needs since it inspires loyalty.
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