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How Mobile APP Testing Is Carried Out

The smartphone industry has witnessed a substantial amount of growth in recent past years, so the use of apps issignificantly amplified. Now more than 80% of the world population have access to mobile phones out of which around 50 % have smartphones on which a huge number of apps are installed. Mobile app testing is an assessment process, which is used by QA analysts to test a particular app developed by an IT firm for their customer to perform specific tasks. It’s mandatory for every app development firm out there to contain the optimal level performance of their applications by hiring the services of a mobile app testing company, having years of experience in automated or manual app test analysis. Testing is a critical part of mobile app development process, and it has to be carried out from the start of app development lifecycle. An app should have to be perfectly tested out on a continuous basis before its release in the market.

How Mobile App Testing Company Test an App

A mobile app testing company use specialized nature, reality-based mobile app testing tools, and frameworks to establish desired level proficiency in app quality. Diversity in mobile app platforms and operating systems also the primary cause of a decline in efficiency of a particular app.  Every smart user has a device of their choice on which a particular operating system e.g. Android, iOS, Symbian or Windows etc. is installed. Sometimes it happens that a particular app is only tested on an Android or iOS device, so when a window’s smartphone user connects this specific app, then he can’t be able to get the required amount of result as it supposed to be. Testing on all available platforms in the market is a key to maintaining desired level quality in results. 

Mobile app testing company implement a five-way app evaluation process to remove out the bugs affecting the expected performance of an app.  Reality based testing framework and devices are used during app testing process to establish required amount of return on all available smartphone devices and operating systems. Mobile app testing process is as follows.

         End User Experience App Analysis
         Cross Platform App Testing
         Device Hardware App analysis
         Communication Medium Test Analysis
         App adaptability Testing

Mobile app testing company always gives preference to above mentioned mobile app test automation procedures as, these deliver required amount of performance as well as save cost in a longer run. Mobile app testing has to be carried out at constant intervals so as to maintain the loyalty of users otherwise developer might have to face a decline in their expected growth over the period, as an app can quickly expose to bugs if consistent testing artifacts are not applied after its release.
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