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Susan Rachele Explains the Secret of Comfortable Restaurant Experience

Restaurants are all about food. You go to restaurants to eat. This is the truth. However, think about it. You walk into a restaurant, your stomach roll at the aroma of richly cooked food, you ask for the menu and the waiter snaps at you. Would you go back to a restaurant like this? Would you even recommend it to your friends? It is not always about food. It is about the overall experience. People go back to the people they meet at the restaurant as well as they go back to food. Susan Rachele says that turning a restaurant into a comfortable haven is an art. She is the General Manager of Buttermilk Kitchen. It is her job to make sure that people get their money’s worth and then some. She makes it a point to see that each one of the customer who walks into Buttermilk Kitchen leaves with a warm experience. Working for Buttermilk Kitchen has taught her a lot of people management tricks. 

She says that personal touch is important when you are managing people at a restaurant. It is the smiling faces people come back to and bring their friends to. From the greeting to the goodbye everything counts. In fact a good greeting is too important. You need to greet your guests in a way that they feel at home from the moment they step inside. Because of her this belief Buttermilk Kitchen never fails to offer a comfortable greeting to people who walk in. Those who visit this restaurant once, come back for good hospitality and of course for their high quality food.

Susan Rachele is all about positive attitude. She claims that a successful hospitality career depends on being friendly and pleasant to the guests. Of course, it is not easy. Maintaining an attitude which reflects positivity is difficult. The task becomes even more difficult when a difficult guest walks in. However, as a restaurant manager, Susan keeps her smile intact on her face and her easy manner to deal with everyone. It is not the easy guests but the difficult ones who teaches the real hospitality skill, she says.

Getting to know your guests always pays off. It is the main secret of successful hospitality. In Buttermilk Kitchen everyone is attentive to the needs of the guests. They try to find out whether a guest has allergies or not. They also try to find out what the guests like. If someone does not like it hot, in Buttermilk Kitchen the chef does not make it hot. Those who are managing the floor are making it a social gather where everyone is a friend.

Good food is the last on the list and the most important part of a restaurant experience. If your food is not good you will never be able to attract people to your restaurant, Says Susan. Buttermilk Kitchen has gained fame due to the food quality. Their chicken biscuit is a specialty which makes people come back for more. 
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