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Tips For Better Portrait Wedding Photography

If you are wondering to try your hands in wedding photography, know about the portraits, lights, lenses and the power of imagination. Like celebrated wedding photographers London you also have the chance to showcase the creativity by trying new styles and dramatic looks by using the great backdrops and natural lights or the studio focus lights to capture the best shots in your camera. 

Experiment with backdrop

According to many experts on London wedding photography putting a subject in different contexts can change the look of a picture dramatically. If you want minimalist of background, you can opt for black or white background. Besides, being minimalist they help in creating stunning effect.

Blur the background

Subject can be made more prominent by blurring the background. This can be done by putting the article to be photographed and the background at a far distance from each other. When objects placed at different distance from the camera are photographed by lens of same focal length focused on one article other objects get blurred. This is the same reason backdrop gets blurred.

Use and artificial backdrop

In a studio, limited backdrop is available. Professionals use artificial photography backdrops to bring variety to their pictures. They are great and very effective. One can use different types of light for adding different kinds of tones.

Try different frame format

Photographs, over time, develop an affinity for certain frame format. Irrespective of your preferred frame format you should also try other format. Using a different frame can result in an unprecedented great photograph. Art is something where strict rules do not apply. So you are free to exercise your imagination to a limitless extent.

Experiment with angle

The above concept of exercising imagination also applies here. Instead of sticking to a certain set of rules, you should try different angles. If you have ample time to click your subject, you should try different angles of the couples and groups. 

Use of wide angles lens

Wide angled lens can result in great clicks. It can help one to capture a wider frame. The fun about this kind of lens is that the body parts or the articles that are on the edge of the lens look enlarged while the other parts look smaller. 

Focus on the eye 

Change of expression can result in stunning pictures. Eyes tell more stories than wide landscape especially on weddings. Even if you are not focusing on the eyes, you can capture the emotional on the face of your subject. It is also very effective in making a portrait memorable.
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