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What Does It Take To Become a Commercial Airline Pilot?

For a lot of teenagers wanting to become a commercial airline pilot is a dream they have from a very young age. Nevertheless, the road to becoming a commercial airline pilot is tremendously competitive with several hurdles to overcome before an individual can actually get to sit behind the panels of an aircraft.

So what does it actually take to come to be a commercial airline pilot?


Rick Bucklew, Ric Bucklew, Richard Bucklew is an airline captain piloting AirbusA319s and A320s for one of the world’s largest commercial airlines. If you are the type of person that gives up too effortlessly then look for another career. An individual who wants to be a pilot must show determination to be successful and a rebuff to give up. It takes a lot of determination to become a commercial airline pilot because throughout the training schedule a student can have some impediments. Then it is a question of how determined you want to be to succeed. If you surrender at the first sign of struggle then wanting to become a commercial pilot is not the profession for you. If you are strong-minded to become a pilot then you will just let go the setbacks and continue to attain your goal of becoming a commercial airline pilot.


If you are not one of the privileged individual who get a pilot sponsorship then you will have to fund your pilot training yourself. This means you will have to make some sacrifices to get the currency you require. Until you truly start your flight training program, you will not realize what the sacrifices require. It could be you have to confine your social life, work some extra hours etc. You will need to make some sacrifices if you want to be a commercial airline pilot.


Training to become a pilot requires a lot of commitment and it can be very time consuming to both the classroom lectures and the flying lessons involved. If you are not dedicated to your pilot training then it is predictable that you will not qualify as a pilot.


When somebody resolve to become a commercial pilot they do not primarily realize that it can take up to two years to reach the qualification of an ATPL (Air Transport Pilot's License). You have to be patient and do not try find ways of cutting short the training because it will only lead to fiasco. It is much better to be persistent and all the hard work will settle in the end.

A commercial airline pilot like Rick Bucklew, Ric Bucklew, Richard Bucklew is all about being part of a team because it takes more than one individual to fly a commercial aircraft. A commercial pilot's regular routine is to interact with their ground staff and crew members to confirm the safety of the flight and their passengers. If you think you have what it takes to become a pilot then start analyzing about what you require to do to get started on a flight training course. The longer you postpone your decision the more you will realize what you have missed when you do essentially qualify as a commercial airline pilot.
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