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A Top Management Institute is Imperative for a Successful Career

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) despite being very young in comparison to other popular professional degrees like medicine and engineering, has become one of the most popular professional degrees not only in India but across the globe. In fact its popularity, especially in a fast developing economy like India can be gauged from the fact that every thousands of students after having completed their engineering take various management competitive entrance test like CAT and MAT for admission to this post graduate program in management. Additionally, a large number of graduates from other discipline also apply to MBA programs of different well-established business schools in India. 

The reason for the immense popularity of this two year post graduate program, which prepare students for mid and senior level management positions in organizations and businesses, is pretty simple and straightforward. MBA graduates from top business schools are highly in demand and as such they are often paid salaries that is at least 60 to 70 per cent higher than that of a student who has obtained a simple post graduate degree in any other discipline. 

An MBA from top rated business school generates exceptionally high rate of return on investment allowing their students to recover their cost of obtaining an MBA degree within two to three years of joining the workforce. The perks do not stop here as a degree in management from reputable business schools also ensure rapid career progression and immense job satisfaction. 

However, it is important to mention in the very beginning that an MBA is a serious investment of time and money. Though it is only a two-year degree program, the time spent in its preparation could be substantial. Every year lakhs of students sit for various management entrance tests for few thousands seats in top management schools of India.  This heavily skewed ratio of aspirants versus the number of seats available will give you a fair idea of the prevailing competition for admission to top of the line business schools in India.  

Scoring well in top competitive entrance exams, however, is only half the job done as admission to top rated MBA courses in Lucknow or for that matter anywhere else in India is a three stage procedure. Candidates’ suitability for a top level management program is also assessed through a group discussion and personal interview. What it means is that you have to possess exceptional communication and convincing skills if you wish to give yourself a good chance of studying in an eminent business school known for developing capable and competent managers with an international orientation. 

Apart from the immensely challenging and rigorous admission procedure, there is also the issue of high tuition fee associated with a management program from a well-known business school. The tuition fees for almost all the major B-Schools in India are likely to exceed over one million rupees for the entire duration of the course.

An MBA as such places heavy demand on both your time and money. It, however, matters little in the end if you are able to secure admission in an MBA course in Lucknow or any other Indian city conducted by a business school enjoying tremendous brand value.  An MBA from a renowned business school invariably follows the same formula of two to three years of hard work followed by a rewarding and stimulating career of a lifetime. 

MBA graduates of reputable business schools are quickly lapped up by top corporations owing to the skills and knowledge they have gained during their two year degree program. Renowned business schools allow their students to constantly refresh their MBA skillsets and encourage them to think about the big picture instead of just focusing on their day-to-day work responsibilities. It is a highly valuable skill-set in a highly globalised and dynamic business environment as it allows managers to anticipate market conditions in the coming times. A high level of clairvoyance gives them a head start over their competitors as they find themselves in a better position to deal with challenges the future is likely to bring with itself.
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