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Basics, You Should Know About Sebaceous Cysts And Epidermoid

Often, there is confusion between sebaceous cysts and epidermoid cysts; most people call any small, painless lump under the skin “sebaceous cysts” but those bumps are “epidermoid cysts.” In simple words, cysts are growths of varying sizes that can occur anywhere on your body and they are completely benign.

Sebaceous cysts are less common and affect the sebaceous glands which are the oil glands in the skin. Epidermoid cysts can be made up of a protein called fat and keratin. Mostly they appear on the neck, face, and upper bodies like shoulders and chest. Although sebaceous cyst treatment London is now available so in this case, you should approach the best dermatologist.

Epidermoid cysts are usually small which is from a few millimeters to about 5 centimeters across and also they grow slowly. Although, they are more common in men rather than in women.

Does it hurt?
Usually, the cysts doesn’t hurt but it can become sore, tender and red if gets infected. If it pops, the cyst might smell bad and odorous.

Is it dangerous?
It is not dangerous actually. Epidermoid cysts are harmless and they aren’t cancerous. If you are worried that it will grow into something more dangerous then you should consult your doctor to become double sure that it is not another type of skin problem.

Should one try to remove it?
It is not a necessity to remove it always. Sometimes, smaller epidermoid cysts will go away on their own or can also be treated with warm compresses. Even if a cyst gets infected, a dermatologist can sometimes treat it by injecting it with steroids. But, if a cyst bothers you for any reasons, you can see a doctor to have it removed.

How can an epidermoid cyst be removed?
First, your dermatologist may use antibiotics for reducing swelling. Then, after the swelling has gone, he can remove it. Well, it is simple to remove an epidermoid cyst. In simple case, the doctor will numb your skin with local anesthesia and then he makes a small cut in the surface of the cyst.

He tries to press the cyst and squeeze out all the contents of the cyst or can use scissors to cut around the cyst to remove the entire sac wall. But still, some of the bad smelling pus inside the cyst may splatter around as it is draining. After the procedure, the doctor will close the cut with a small stitch or layered closure if the sac wall was removed.
A doctor must be careful while doing the task because if any of the cyst walls is left behind then it can grow back again. If this happens then your dermatologist may suggest you to do the surgery again.

Can anyone pop epidermoid cyst themselves?
It is normal that you might be tempted to squeeze them or pop them out on your own but this is not a good idea. First, if the cyst is infected, then it could spread in case cyst ruptures and drains beneath the skin. Second thing, if any of the cyst’s sac is left behind then it could grow back.

If the cyst doesn’t bother you, you can leave it alone. If it seems to be infected or uncomfortable then it is better that you should check it out by a dermatologist.

Few more to say…
We all know very well that healthy, soft skin is the secret of beautiful personality. No one likes to have a cyst but some cysts go away easily and some need to be treated. In a serious case, you should approach a dermatologist. But always do your study before approaching any doctor!….
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