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General Tips for Sending a Parcel to France

It is always nice to receive a parcel from your family or friends when you are living abroad. There are several things that you should know if you are planning to send a parcel to France. The following tips that will help you prepare and mail parcels through Courierpoint can help make your good intentions into a reality.

1. Newspaper Articles

A huge shock for people living abroad in France is learning that life in their native countries does continue on without their presence. As a way of helping the recipient feel updated and included, add a few newspaper articles in the parcel to France. Great starting points include current photos, graduation and wedding announcement and any other suitable news articles about their hometown.

2. DVDs

When you are far away from your native home, and usually from your native tongue also, watching DVDs while relaxing is definitely very rewarding. Courierpoint can help you send a parcel to France containing the best DVDs from your home time. Consider purchasing local television series instead of full-length movies that require several hours of watching time. Additionally, you can slip the DVDs into a simple paper case in order to save on both weight and space.

3. Diversity

There is nothing like tasting a piece of home from your parcel. Adding some powder mixes to your parcel to France is always highly beneficial. Besides being incredibly useful and lightweight, these homemade seasonings can help you make some great meals. Make sure you seal any food items and powders in clear zipper bags to avoid moisture damage and spills when sending the package via Courierpoint.

4. Pack Well

It is obvious that between your home and the receiver’s hands that there is a long road that your parcel must travel. By taking the time to pack well, you can help eliminate the problem of crushed goodies upon opening. The best place to start is to use a strong box and make sure to pack any fragile pieces well. When using Courierpoint for sending a parcel to France, it is also recommended to fill in empty spaces inside the box. You can use crumpled newspaper as a protective layer and lightweight filler.

5. Write a Clear Address

A common mistake that people make when sending a parcel to France is failing to legibly label their packages. To ensure that you parcel is delivered efficient by Courierpoint, write the receiver’s name and address in a legible way either in print on a label or in ink. The country should be written on the last address line in well-spaced capital letters. Additionally, include your return address in the top left corner when writing the address.

Check out Courierpoint today if you want to send parcels to France in the safest and most efficient way.
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