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Impress your guests with delicious sweet canapés displayed in creative and beautiful ways

There is no doubt about it, if you are hosting event and you want to impress your guests, its canapés you need. Ordering canapés from a caterer is easy for you and a real treat for your guests. Work with top caterers to plan your sweet treats today.
Canapés are a truly special treat which are perfect for important occasions from corporate events to weddings to anniversaries. If you are going all out and have hired a venue or function room and want to create an exciting atmosphere, then think about how you will display your canapés.
Classic platters
When most people think of canapés they think of the traditional platters they are served on, either on a buffet table or by wait staff. If you want a simple event where the focus is on the food, then there is nothing wrong with a nice granite slate which highlights the beautiful food. If you have chosen some more exotic treats then writing on the slate in chalk what you’re serving can be a nice touch. 
A nice clear plastic set of shelves, particularly jazzier, off-kilter shelves are a novel way to serve your canapés. You can have different treats on different rows, such as alternating sweet canapés with shelves offering savoury treats.
Jam jars are all the rage these days, whether you are serving canapés or drinks. If you want your event to be on the edgy side, then serving your canapés in jars will bring that gritty style.
Save your guests getting their fingers dirty and have your canapés on forks already. You can get gorgeous displays where the forks are organised sticking up in rows. It’s brilliant to look at and makes life easier for your guests. Guests won’t need to go scrabbling around for a napkin afterwards, since they can simply pop the canapé in their mouth.
Mini drinks
Canapés are fun because they’re so small and dinky. Why not go all out and serve miniature drinks, such as miniature pints of beer, along with your canapés?
Another fantastic and inventive way to display your canapés is in paper cones, propped into a stand. This is fun and makes them easier for guests to pick up and hold.
If you want a delicate feel for your event then narrow wooden boards with just a few canapés are incredibly classy. At the opposite end of the scale, you could go for a huge board with all of your canapés on it to really show your guests that you’ve laid out a feast for them. If the food is not the focus of the event and you know guests will only want one or two nibbles, the smaller option is ideal.  
Flowers always brighten up any room and make a place feel special. Flowers go particularly well with canapés in displays since you can use the colours to complement each other and create a fresh vibe in the room.
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