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The Holding Company to Protect Your Assets

In general, there are some companies that concentrate on producing the goods or services on its own, whereas there are some companies that buy the shares of the other companies. Thereby, forming a corporate group that allows the decrease in the risk which is faced by the owners can help in controlling the various numbers of companies at a time. These are generally called as the Holding companies which do not produce the goods or services on their own. Thus altogether, in the case of a fully owned subsidiary, the holding company owns the entire stock of the company. These companies are generally formed to protect the other companies whose stock they are holding are facing the losses that are when a particular company faces the bankruptcy, the assets of the holding company will protect the company from the creditors. There are a lot of companies that have been formed nowadays to perform this task; one among such companies is the Hold It All Inc. which is founded on the personal as well as the business interests of the billionaire chip wilson.

About the founder

The founder of the company Hold It All Inc. is the chip wilson who has the retail visionary as well as the innovator of the yoga-inspired company named Lululemon Athletica, he has widened his retail vision by starting the retail company initially which is named Westbeach Snowboard Ltd. Then he founded the Lululemon Athletica around 1998 and he remained as its largest one and only shareholder as well as the biggest cheerleader. And now as per the Hold It All Inc. which he started with the experiences he gained and is rapidly growing as the highly performing business which has happened because of the values and commitment to innovating new ideas that lead to the healthy transformations.

What do the holding companies do?

The holding companies, in general, allows the individuals to protect themselves from the personal assets which are under the risks, so here, these companies protect the assets by owning them so that the individual will not face any risk. The company’s role includes the overseeing of the companies that it holds, they even do the task of hiring as well as the firing of the managers of those companies if there happens a necessity. 

Although they don’t carry out the everyday operations of the companies it is controlling, that enables the owners to know their subsidiaries that are being operated to evaluate the performance of the business as well as the prospects of them.

Advantages of the holding company

          The holding companies can be formed easily by buying the shares in the open market where the subsidiary company’s shareholders consent is not necessary.
          As the financial resources of the subsidiary as well as the holding companies are pooled together, they can take projects in large scale to increase their profit.
          As the holding companies and the subsidiary companies are in the same kind of business there will be no competition between the companies.
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