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Updates on the Fraud Situation with MX Properties

For those companies that are keeping up with the nightmare that MX Properties is going through in their fraud situation, there have been new developments in the saga that aren't necessarily good news for MX Properties. Here is a rundown of the latest developments in this complicated, multinational fraud scheme.


MX Properties engaged in several business opportunities that required them to make several wire transfer deposits to various banks in order to establish banking relationships and secure the credit lines needed to begin purchasing financial instruments. These deposits totaled $1 million. 

After the deposits were made, details began to emerge that indicated that the companies and individuals that MX Properties had partnered with were not legitimate business owners and that MX Properties had more than likely become the victim of an elaborate fraud scheme. This is information that was confirmed by the outside consultant MX Properties had hired to source new investment opportunities.

The consultant had taken steps to make an appearance of trying to remedy the situation by contacting a lawyer in Lisbon Portugal named Carmen De Souza. MX Properties, hesitant at first, proceeded to wire $11,000 to the lawyer in an attempt to quickly resolve their financial situation. However, rather than bring a close to the matter, the lawyer appeared to be part of the scheme since there was no payment made by the banks to make MX Properties whole nor was there an ability to access project funding to move forward.

Flash forward to today. MX Properties began receiving harassing emails from a currently unnamed individual who was also making libelous statements in the public regarding the integrity of MX Properties. MX Properties launched a public campaign in an effort to regain their reputation in the marketplace as well as to stop the deluge of harassing emails that were being sent, in theory, to divert attention away from the crux of the issue which is what MX Properties believes is his role.

To date, none of the money that has been wired to any of the banks nor to the Lisbon Portugal lawyer Carmen de Souza. There are still emails being sent to MX Properties as well as claims being made publicly regarding the legitimacy of MX Properties. The executives of MX Properties are pursuing a range of remedies in an attempt to put this nightmare behind them and move forward with other, more legitimate business opportunities. They are even seeking legal recourse against all of the parties involved including the individual who is continuing to harassing and slander MX Properties in the media and other avenues. They are also making a public plea for each of these individuals to clear their conscious and do the right thing by moving the project forward.

MX Properties is asking Lisbon Portugal lawyer Carmen De Souza to do the right thing and help them move forward with the project she promised to help with.
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