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Anavar effects- Effective for both men and women

Anavar is one of the most effective anabolic synthetic steroids. It is really a great option for men’s muscle development and women’s weight loss. This steroid is specially designed to help people for regaining weight who have lost weight due to several medical conditions such as chronic infection, surgery, trauma and long term use of corticosteroid medication. But still people have a doubt of how it affects the body for improving the muscle mass and also enhanced the recovery time. This anabolic steroid is also used to relieve the pain from your body due to sudden bone loss.

Today, many people are using Anavar for improving their strength as well as energy by stimulating the phosphocreatine synthesis within the muscle tissue. This product is an ideal choice for cutting cycles and helps to shred fat as quickly as possible. The major benefits of Anavar are giving your body appears very lean, regaining your body weight, improve your lean muscle tissue and also enhance your overall look. However, this product is highly suitable for both men and women, which becomes a super alternative to use and does not require any prescription from the doctor. If you continue to take beyond this period, you may face a serious problem.

Anavar doses and duration
The starting dose of Anavar is 10 mg per day for women. If you are new to this supplement, first of all you should know how it affects the body and how long you will be used. Once you have started using this anabolic steroid, you must take a look at how your body reacts and then try a higher dose. If you see the reaction positively, you can slightly improve the dose of 15 mg per day and then increase up to 20 mg per day. Commonly, it is safe to use 10 mg per day and when you increase the doses to 20 mg and then the risk starts to increase. However, 20 mg per day for women is quite enough for women and avoid the steroid doses beyond 20 mg.

The total duration for women to take this steroid is up to 6 weeks. This responsible dose is commonly well tolerated for most of the women. But some women can extend the period of usages due to some reasons without facing any issues or side effects. Once you have reached six weeks, it is better to discontinue the usage of this steroid and do not want to use it again without any proper prescription. In recent days, many female athletes can take this supplement for enhance their performance.

Benefits of Anavar
Unlike any other steroids, the Anavar is a mild anabolic steroid mainly used for the performance enhancement purposes. The major benefits associated with this steroid are increasing the metabolic activity as well as muscle preservation. This steroid also has an ability to reduce the body fat by preserving the tissues on muscle, when you are on a strict calorie diet. Furthermore, the increase in metabolic activity can boost up the rate in which the body fat is used as energy.
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