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Effective Method to Purchase women’s Skirts for Your Body Sort

Skirts are an evergreen outfit for women. Women of all age group love wearing this extremely comfortable piece of clothing that is neither too gauche nor too simple to be worn at any kind of occasions. Whether you are going to office or on a simple road trip with your friends, skirts are probably the best clothing option, something that provides a classy look along with extreme comfort. With the ever-changing fashion trends, designers all around the world embarked upon a journey of evolving skirts as a whole. Now, skirts are no longer just pleated and come with a waistband. There are plenty of options now, both is style and materials.

 Beginning from a more sophisticated material like suede to something more regular like jeans or cotton, all types of materials are used to make skirts. However, it is important to consider your body type before you set out on a hunt for the perfect skirt. If you are confused about your body type, you can always take help from the experts of fashion all over the internet. Buying skirts online would help you make better choices owing to the wide number of products available on all online stores. Choosing the perfect skirt according to your body type can put you in dilemma if you are not armed with necessary knowledge. A comprehensive list has been given below for your benefit.

v  Apple-shaped body

When you have this body shape, you have slimmer lower body and a heavy midriff. With the correct knowledge of styling and fashion, she can carry out many ladies skirts well. When you have a bulky midriff, avoid skirts that have a waist band as it tends to accentuate the heaviness. The best option is to go for high-waist, knee-length skirts with a slight flare. Also, try and avoid pleated skirts.

v  Hourglass body 

You are said to have an hourglass body when you have the top and the bottom of same proportion with a well-defined waist. For this type of body, the best suited skirt is a pencil skirt. Being a pencil skirt, it will allow you to flaunt your perfect curves excellently. They smooth out the thighs. When you have a petite figure, A-line skirts also look good on you. Try and avoid skirts that have too much of ornamentation.

v  Pear-shaped body

Pear shaped body is when your hips are the heaviest part of your body, in shot when you have heavier lower body. For this body type, the best suited skirt is A-line skirts. The slim waist fits snugly in the waist region, thereby drawing attention to the well-defined waist. Being A-line, the skirt flairs out from waist down, creating a camouflage effect to make your hips look slimmer. Go for stripes and fan-stitch skirts, when buying skirts online.

v  Straight body

This is when you are not endowed with inherent curves. Since your whole body has about the same proportion, snug-fitting mini ladies skirts are your way to go. The close-fit would help you enhance your slight curves better. Side-slit and tiered skirts go well with this body shape.


Dressing up according to one’s body shape is important so that you look the prettiest and so that you get the perfect skirt for you and become the centre of attraction at the gathering.
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