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Here are the 8 Easy Tricks of Makeup for Women

Between men and women, there is no doubt that women have struggled more to achieve the same level of respect as their male counterparts. Baby steps over the past few decades have slowly but surely catapulted women to leadership positions across organizations. Many developments bestowed women with more rights, and freedoms. Makeup may seem like a bleak contribution to that newfound power but, in many ways, makeup indeed is liberating women, when used purposively.

The brush and the strokes.
As much as makeup is fun, there are ways to create more appealing results. Besides, a handful of great makeup tips should also help you cut down on your prep time. Here are the top 8 tips you must know, learn and apply right now:

Tip No. 1: Cleanse and treat your skin.
There’s no replacement for beautiful skin and bright, flawless complexion, not even the best and most expensive foundation can give you that. A well exfoliated, cleansed and treated skin is the foundation of great makeup. Make sure to take the time to get the dry, damaged skin off of your skin’s surface before starting to apply your products. Layer your moisturizers from the most lightweight serums and essences, to the thick creams. Follow the routine best suited for your skin type.

Tip No. 2: Cover then conceal.
Put an end to that debate as to whether it is foundation or concealer that needs to go first. In general, it’s foundation first. From there, work out an even skin tone where your foundation and concealer are well blended. Add a little bit of each product every time. Always use top quality sponges and brushes to make sure makeup blends well and adheres more tightly to your skin. Use these to cover hard-to-reach corners of your eyes and face frame.

Tip No. 3: Create a gradient for your eyebrows.
Out with the thin, one-stroke eyebrows, in with the bushy eyebrows. Hard lines on your brows make your look appear stern and ends up making you look older than you really are. To create a gradient, start by drawing the outlines of your eyebrows except for the inner portions using a waterproof eyeliner pencil. Take your gel liner. Start lining from the middle of your eyebrow then outwards to the corners. Use the remaining product to create light brushstrokes on the inner portion of your eyebrows.

Then, pick up an eyeliner pencil that is one shade lighter than the one you used to outline your eyebrows. Use that to draw tiny, light lines on the inner side of your eyebrows. Use a highlighter pencil to lighten up the lower part of your eyebrows. This technique helps clean up your brow line and also lifts your eyebrows.

Tip No. 4: Apply matte concealer on your eyelids and lips. 
This additional step will help keep your products from slipping. If you have oily skin, make sure to use only gel-based or cream matte-based product. Powder-based products will only dissolve in your skin and make your skin produce more oil.

Tip No. 5: Have a plan before putting on your pigments.
One of the most essential makeup tips most women tend to forget is to know exactly what look you are going for before you start applying your colors. This will help you picture the look that you want in your head, pick out the products you will be using beforehand, and make sure that all the elements of your make up will seamlessly fall into place to give you the look that you’re going for.

Tip No. 6: Get an eyelash extension.
This tip saves you so much time when doing your makeup. In addition, you won’t ever have to worry about falling falsies or clamping mascaras ever again. Wear beautiful, long and curly eyelashes hassle-free.

Tip No. 7:  Use highlighter for your waterlines.
Brighten up your eyes by lining your waterlines with white eyeliner. It opens up your eyes to make it appear younger and happier.

Tip No. 8: Keep makeup in place with setting spray. 
Keep products from slipping from your face with a setting spray. Spritz about five inches away from your face.


Makeup can be a lot of things but boring, if you know what you’re doing. “I think women should wear whatever makeup they want for themselves. Makeup should be fun,” Emma Stone once expressed. So, go ahead and have fun!

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