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LG Phone unlock guide- cost free

Any info about permanent LG Phone unlock directly from the database of the network carrier can be found right here on this website. So if you own a LG Smartphone and you are tired of the network restrictions which your mobile operator imposes in order to force you into using their services only, now is the time to try out our new and efficient unlock LG Phone method.

With the procedure which we have in mind, anyone who owns LG Smartphone can get rid of the network lock, and render the device useable on different networks with different SIM cards. And the best part about this is that the method is cost free.

So why hesitate, you have nothing to lose, there is no need to make subscription, no need to ship your LG smartphone anywhere, and no need to spend money. Everything is safe and legit.

How to make my LG Smartphone work on different mobile network?

As you know the major network corporations offer the most popular and demanding smartphones such as the LG for far lower prices than their original values in order to make the users sign long terms contract that they will use their particular network services only. In this way, the carriers make a lot of money, and initially for some users this is a good deal, but often they find themselves into delicate situations and feel that they have been lied to.
So because of these types of reasons, many people tend to search for alternative solutions on how to remove the lock and the restrictions from the mobile operator.

We have the solution for you

In reality, it is quite easy to remove the lock on a locked LG Smartphone. All that is needed is to know the IMEI code of the locked device and to use the sophisticated LG unlock application.
To find the IMEI code of the device, the user only needs to go to Settings-General-About and scroll to the bottom of the page. The code will be listed there. Alternatively, you can remove the battery, and in the back the IMEI code is also written. And if that is not an option, the simplest method would be to dial the number *#06#.

Once you know the IMEI code of your smartphone, it is time to download the Unlocker application from the download links at the bottom of this page.
Once you have the program, then you are ready go begin.

Follow these unlock instructions to successfully conduct the unlock of your LG Smartphone:

  • Connect the LG Phone and computer with USB cable
  • Launch the LG Unlocker application
  • Enter the IMEI code, the name of the network carrier to which the device is locked to, and the country
  • Press Unlock Now
  • Wait several minutes till an unlock code is generated
  • Restart your LG Phone, and enter the unlock code
  • Turn of the device, insert a new SIM card and enjoy using your unlocked LG Phone
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