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Positive Lifestyle Impacts of Unplanned Pregnancy

Finding out that you are pregnant when you did not plan to be can be one of life’s most jarring experiences. The knowledge that within your body is stirring new life brings with it numerous concerns. These may regard the immediate as well as the long-term life altering impacts it will have on your current wellbeing and lifestyle.

A common concern women have with an unplanned pregnancy is how the lifestyle choices made before knowing of the pregnancy will affect the child. Another point of concern are the changes they must now immediately make to increase the chances of having a healthy baby. It is therefore quite enlightening to know that some of the sacrifices made during this time can help one to develop habits that will positively impact lifetime health and habits.

The use of alcohol and drugs during pregnancy is linked to an increased risk of miscarriage, stillbirths, premature delivery, and fetal alcohol syndrome. Given that the medical consensus on alcohol can vary widely from patient to patient; there are no set limits on what volume of alcohol is safe to consume. Additionally, the body is changing on a weekly basis therefore giving it up in its entirety is the usual recommendation. For those who are accustomed to having a regular drink, one way to make the adjustment easier is by making mocktails or other juices high in nutritional value.
Thanks to vast leaps forward in modern thinking and women’s rights, now more than ever, women are serving as integral parts of the global workforce and in large numbers. This economic advancement does have its cost. Many countries do not have laws ensuring pregnant women can have children as well as job security. In cases of an unplanned pregnancy also, the expectant working mother usually has a very active lifestyle that is not conducive to having a healthy baby. Specifically speaking the amount and quality of meals eaten will now have to be considered.

One workaround is to include a meal replacement where snacking would have usually sufficed. The meal replacement will allow for the one daily meal to count as it is packed with adequate levels of macro and micronutrients needed to fuel both a busy body and a growing baby.

Another potential hazard for the mom on the go, is doing too much in one day. Usually after a long day at work, a good night’s rest would have usually provided time for the body to recuperate. Pregnant bodies are the exception here as the body is working 24/7 to grow the baby. Many expectant moms complain of feeling even worse after waking up and caffeine must be avoided in most cases. The fix here is:
  1. Additional planning
  2. Prioritizing with a to-do list
  3. Paring down on activity that can be outsourced
  4. Ask for help
Doing this will maximize active hours while preventing wasted energy. A final bit of advice is to create and engage a support network which will be essential in every new mom’s life.
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