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Samsung goes big with the launch of Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung has already goner bigger with the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8. All characteristics were repeatedly measured and checked by various tests in a variety of surveys. And Galaxy S8 performs the best.So, expect the high standards from the Samsung Galaxy S9 launch.

For Galaxy S8, I will express my subjective user experience by clicking on each item. I must say that my basic smartphone needs it: screen reading, social networking, photography, and synchronization with smart clock and listening to music through headphones and through Bluetooth. Games and stuff like that - a unique rarity in my diet. So, Galaxy S9 will change it or not?

So. Materials used. In Galaxy S8 phone on all sides is covered with Gorilla fourth generation. This, of course, gives it a premium look and feel the same tactile feel. Phone feels really great in hands. Thanks not rounded sides; the smartphone sits very well in the hand, as it were, "thrusting" it in their faces. Volume Buttons and inclusion are very nice and clear progress. Immediately, I note that the random clicking on the rounded faces of the display there. Yes, over time, they become less and less, but they still occur, especially when you're trying to cope with the phone with one hand. When using two hands they almost never happen.

In any cover accidentally pressed immediately come to naught, but it seems to me, the phone immediately loses its charm. And in the course of the buttons stops too pleasant delight depression since Case just "eats" stroke depth. The display of Samsung Galaxy S9 will carry excellent oleophobic coating. Prints and divorces almost gone, and those that accumulates over time easy to clean off the usual handkerchief. For all the time use is not used protective films and hardened glass.
As you can see, the screen does not appear any noticeable scratches for Galaxy S8.

Although, if you look closely, in bright light can be seen a lot of "webs", but maybe it scratched oleophobic coating itself. The wearing of the phone I do not really cherish. I carry it in a pocket of the ordinary, sometimes even with money and keys. Several times it had dived on the floor to table height, and with a rather loud landing, but as long as everything is in order. From the Galaxy S8 perspective, Samsung will set new records with the Samsung Galaxy S9 features.
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