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Things that you need to pack for your kid’s excursion trip

Students always get excited to take part in school excursion trip. It’s the time when they get to share their rooms with their friends. They enjoy their freedom while staying away from home. When your kids are ready for the first school excursion trip you must help them in packing. Although it is a fun filled trip but there are certain things that you need to keep in mind for your child’s safety. Check out the following essential items that you have to put in your kid’s luggage.

Comfortable clothes: Excursion trips can be for a week, more than that, or less than it. Since you will not be there to protect your child, you have to be extra careful when packing his/her bag. Put the clothes which are comfortable considering the weather. Proper clothes will give children an extra layer of protection. Be it winter, summer, or monsoon; make sure to keep an adequate number of comfortable clothes in your kid’s luggage. 

Comfortable shoes: Normally children are taken to a place where they get to learn something new. It’s not about spending time with friends in the lawn. Most of the times they need to travel to explore the place. For instance, history students go to a historical place for the excursion so there they can get the first-hand experience of the relics. So it’s your responsibility to give your child a comfortable shoe so that he/she can enjoy climbing the old forts, age-old monuments, and other places without any hassle.

Pack medicines: Pain relief spray, bandage, and medicines for fever and acidity are essential items that you can't forget to pack. As you know, an excursion is all about walking down the street to explore a new object and anyone can get a sprained ankle while walking or climbing. So to avoid any further complication put the first aid kit in your kid’s bag.

Give some dry fruits: Well, when the kids are going for school excursion trip there should not be any problem with food and lodging. But being an extra caring mother you can always pack some dry fruits for your kids. Firstly, dry fruits are filling and it will boost your kid’s energy. He/she can easily have it while traveling. 

Additional equipment: Your kid’s destination will tell you what to give him/her for safety. There are some essential things that normally students need to carry. For instance, map, binocular, flashlight, camera, compass, pen, and paper have to be carried by the students while going on a school excursion trip. If there’s any special requirement for the trip school will definitely notify the parents.

Talk to the teachers: When everything is done make sure to talk to the teachers in the school. Follow their instruction clearly and tell your kids to obey them in the field. If your kid has any health issue there’s no point hiding it from the teachers. Send your kids for the exciting trip with proper preparation.

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