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Used Generac Generators Protect From Unexpected Power Loss

Used Generac Generators Protect Homes and Businesses From Unexpected Power Loss

Reliable electric power used to be considered a luxury. In this day and age, it's a necessity and not only for huge data centers and hospital complexes. People all over the world have come to expect power on demand, regardless of local conditions. That means during a natural disaster or a failure of the power grid, people still want their corner supermarket or gas station to be open and ready for business. Likewise, if they're hunkered down at home due to chaos outside, they want to be safe and comfortable and that means having electricity.

The best way to ensure power when you need it is to provide it yourself. For most people, that means getting an onsite generator. Although many people balk at the cost of buying a generator for their home or business, the payoff can be worth it after even just one instance of power loss. Your ROI is even quicker if you buy a used generator.

Used Generac Generators Have A Reputation For Quality

Generac generators, for example, are a popular choice. Generac is one of the world's most respected and recognized generator manufacturers, particularly for portable, home and small business solutions, though the company does produce generators for heavy industrial and commercial uses too. Used Generac generators have earned a reputation as being very reliable and therefore are the perfect solution for property owners who want to have reliable backup power.

Selecting Your Generator

The key to buying used Generac generators is knowing what you're getting before you hand over the cash. That means taking the time to inspect the machine and hiring a professional electrician to hook it into your property's electrical panel. If you want to go all out you can add an automatic transfer switch which will ensure the generator kicks in automatically when the primary source of electrical power goes out. You'll have plenty of choice with Generac too. You can find used Generac generators that run on propane, natural gas, or diesel, ensuring fuel options to meet any need or preference.

Before buying a used Generac generator you'll want to have an electrician determine your power needs. There's not much point in buying a generator that doesn't provide enough power when you need it! Develop a list of everything you want to be powered by the generator, figure out their starting and running wattage, and then add up your total power requirements. Figuring out the starting and running wattage can be tough, which is why we recommend consulting an electrician.

If you're buying used equipment, bring the electrician or a mechanic along to inspect the generator. You'll want to note the hours of operation (how many hours the engine has actually been run, like an odometer reading), review maintenance records, and perform a load test to verify the electrical output generated by the engine. If you are buying from a reputable reseller ask about installation, warranties, inspections, service agreements, or any other guarantees they offer. This can minimize your after-purchase investment and ensure the generator works as expected when you need it.

Buying a generator is a serious investment, but hopefully, the peace of mind it brings is well worth it. We're certain the first time you have to start it up after a power outage, you'll be glad you had the forethought to go through with the purchase.
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