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Why Purchase a Shed?

In the UK, a storage or utility shed is a great and handy place to store your garden tools and miscellaneous items for working around the house and garden. Some people have a shed to relieve the garage or even the house of good old fashioned clutter. A big enough shed can also serve as a virtual garage for hobby equipment, bicycles, motorcycles, jet skis, a modest boat or a vehicle. Usually manufactured from wood, sheds come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit practically every purpose, need and budget.

The smallest variety of sheds more closely resemble cupboards or wardrobes, whose main job in life is to usually to provide a weather-free space for the mower and other gardening tools. A shed may allow for a pegboard-like system or other method of hanging shears, clippers, and other kinds of similar hand tools.

The humble man cave

Sheds can be as large as 10 x 13 feet (3x4m) or even bigger, depending on the needs and model. Sheds should be used with a foundation kit for anchoring the unit, but these are not always included. In most cases, if you want to assemble your own shed or the foundation, you can, but if not, the place where you purchased the shed will certainly know people who can do it for a small fee. For a whole range of sheds, garages, log cabins, gazebos, carports and summerhouses, make sure to contact a high quality specialist in this field.

Wooden sheds have always been the most popular type of model shed because they are certainly the most aesthetically pleasing to the eye and are the sturdiest. A top quality wooden utility shed usually sports trim, windows and styling that makes it look as if it was part of the original property plan. Some models include a cool looking railed porch deck, a great place to sit and relax during most weathers. If you really wanted to, you can paint your shed to match the house or estate.  Whatever the design, a wooden storage shed will definitely add to the charm and the value of your property.

Foundation solutions

There are a number of foundation types to consider and you will have to decide which one is best for you. All have their advantages and disadvantages. They come as compressed hard core, tarmac, railway sleepers, concrete pad, and concrete flag stones, etc.  In some cases, steel mesh screening can be fitted at vents or openings to prevent animals, including bees and wasps from deciding to make your shed a home!

A concrete slab foundation is usually optional for smaller sheds, but required for sheds that will be holding substantial weight too great for a skid foundation. Regarding what circumstances or conditions you will be using the shed for, it will be in your best interests to ask for advice from the company that you purchased it from for expert advice.

Sheds simply look good in any garden, and you will notice the difference in the look and feel of your space straightaway .
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