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5 Reasons You Don't Need Extra Insurance When Moving Home

As you get ready for your future move, there will be more than a few different people coming to you offering moving insurance. Although some home insurance policies already have this included, most do not, and it may end up being a waste of your money in the long run. Many moving insurance policies are unnecessary since the removalists working on your property already have insurance and liability in place.

Whether you need to move just a few boxes or the entire contents of a three-bedroom home to a new location, you could enjoy peace of mind if you hire the right removal company. These professionals can give you a number of ways to save time and money, especially in regard to moving your belongings. There are plenty of reasons why hiring a removal company is a smart choice.


Removal companies work hard to train their removalists on the best methods for handling, loading, and transporting any type of furniture or box. No matter if you have an enormous sectional couch that must be dismantled before loading and reassembled after unloading, these professionals know how to do it the right way. The right companies only employ highly experienced workers for their business, and they constantly keep up with new and improved techniques to ensure the safety of the work.


The right removal company will already have specific protection in place to ensure you never find yourself with the bill for repairs or replacement of your property. For example, a worker may take a miscalculated step and drop your expensive new wardrobe, causing scratches and other damage to the wood finish. Not only would the removal company immediately help you work through the process of being compensated, but you will also see your wardrobe returned to its former beauty in no time at all.


The professionals behind this service understand how to handle your belongings, no matter the complexity of the lift. In addition, workers never come with just one person unless you specify that you have no furniture to move and choose a smaller removal option. This is to protect your belongings as much as it is to protect the workers. Such a precaution should also dramatically reduce the chance of an injury.


The right companies have country-wide recognition of their reliability, and it pays to find a removal company with the reputation to match their claims. Such a reputation should help you feel comfortable not spending your money on an unnecessary policy. In addition, you may not even need to worry about a situation like that if such a clause is already included in your homeowner’s insurance, which you should look into at your convenience.

Avoid Scams

Some third party companies offer costly moving insurance policies with the promise of peace of mind during your move. However, these companies work hard to save as much money as possible by forcing you to wait through weeks of delayed claims processing. By the time you got whatever compensation you were promised for the damage to your property, you have already been living in your new home for weeks.
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