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5 things to Consider Before Hiring a Voiceover Artist

To depict the message of any visual advertisement, you need a strong voiceover. The words spoken by the artists are important to make your brand or service popular. The importance of the voiceover is no less than the graphical presentation. 

It’s undoubtedly tough to identify the best fit for your product. To help you in this matter, here are five things to consider before you hire a voice over specialist:

Experience: This is probably the most vital thing to check before contacting a voiceover talent. Experience is the main key for talent, professionalism, and sharpening skills. In addition to that, you have to find out the genre of work done by the artist. He or she may be an expert for commercial voiceover or his/her passion lies in the documentary. These are certain things that need your attention in order to get the best result.

Consistent timely service: You must be looking for a reliable artist who never compromises on quality. When it comes to choosing the voiceover artist, be specific about your requirements. Experience is definitely a crucial thing but consistency and timely service are two major factors to consider while hiring a voiceover talent. If you are hiring for a running project that often needs modification you will have to ask your artist about his/her timings. For instance, if you need a voiceover for an e-Learning project which is a continuous job, make sure to hire someone who has time to work with your on a long term basis.

Versatility: Artists have to be versatile in their roles and jobs. While hiring a voiceover specialist don’t forget to check the artist’s demos available on the site. It will help you determine whether he/she is suitable or not. Make sure to look for a variety of tones and styles along with different types of project. In this way, you can pick the best talent according to your current and future requirements.

Pricing: Another important factor to consider while contacting a voiceover specialist is his/her rate. The talent’s rate can give you a clue about his/her work experience and skills. Low rate indicates incompetency while the competitive rate is an indication of a pro VO specialist. You will not find their rates on their websites. For this, either you can mail them stating your query or contact them in their given numbers. 

Your target audience: This will decide whether you need to choose a female voiceover or a male artist. For instance, if you are selling a female oriented products like makeup range, kitchen appliances, and more you have to contact a female artist with a persuasive voice. On the other hand, if you targeting senior citizens, a male VO artist with a strong voice will be the ideal for you.

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