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Best Trekking trails near Nashik city

Nashik is blessed to be surrounded by beautiful mountains. As you travel outside the city, you will come across hills which offer thrilling routes for trekking. Monsoon months is the time to do trekking as the region gets full of lush greenery, lovely flowers and cascading waterfalls. Mumbaikars who love trekking generally head to Nashik to fulfil their desire. Hiring a Mumbai to Nashik taxi is the most suitable option to travel. It is important to be cautious while trekking in monsoons as sometimes it gets difficult to get a good grip on soil while climbing. We have compiled a list of best treks near Nashik.

Kalsubai: It is the highest peak of Sahyadri mountains and a very popular trekking route. The famous Kalsubai temple is located at the topmost point which makes this trek popular among pilgrims also. During the Maratha rule, this peak was used as watching tower. After reaching the top you will get spectacular views of surrounding forests and places. The starting point of the trek is at Bari village which is at 68 km from Nashik.

Ratangad fort: This historical fort was captured by ShivajiMaharaj from the Mughals. The trekking route is beautiful with views of lush green mountains. The top offers panoramic views of the Bhandardara dam and picturesque valleys. The fort houses numerous water bodies and caves. 

Anjaneri: It is a relatively easy trek and popular for its various waterfalls, which become full during the monsoons. The peak is named after Lord Hanumans’s motherAjneri and it is also believed to be the birth place of Lord Hanuman. The base village from where the trek starts is also called Anjaneri. During the trek you will come across some Jain caves. The top of the peak has two famous temples of Anjani Mata and Sita which showcase some ancient carvings.

Brahmagiri: It is is situated in Trimbakeshwar village, located about 25 kilometres from Nashik. As per the Hindu mythology, it is considered to be the mountain form of Lord Shiva and the originating point of River Godavari. The trek to Brahmgiri is very simple and doesn’t require any special precautions. During the holy month of Shravan, lacs of devotees do circumambulation of Brahmagiri, which is considered sacred.If you are planning for a day trip, then you can easily book taxi Mumbai from reliable players.

Harihargad: It is a trek in the Trimbak mountain range and starts from the base town Nirgupada. Harihargad is a grand fort built during the Yadava period. The fort is mostly in ruins now. You can see beautiful rock cut water cisterns in the fort.

Ramshej: It is about 14 kilometres from Nashik and the base village is called Aashewadi. Your Mumbai to Nashik car hire can drop you at the base village from where you can start the trek. It is said that Lord Ram had rested here during his exile. After the death of ShivajiMaharaj, Aurangzeb tried capturing Ramshej fort but couldn't conquer it for five years. A temple, cave and an ancient lake are the attractions of this fort.

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