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Feeling A Bit Peckish

Having cravings while being human is completely normal. Most times, though, cravings are associated with being pregnant. While cravings do come with the territory of being pregnant, having cravings are a part of simply being human. Science suggests that cravings are as a result of our bodies missing a particular nutrient or set of nutrients. Therefore, a food craving is triggered to get us to eat and replenish what is missing, in low quantity or quality, or what is urgently needed.

Having cravings are fine as this is a natural bodily function, the only point of contention with cravings is the timing. There are times when these sudden cravings are so overpowering they can become a bit of a distraction. They can also appear at the most inopportune times when you are either too busy or too tired or at too great a distance from that favorite source to satisfy the urge.

 To Every Problem There is a Solution

Living in a time of great innovation, invention and social media have wonderful merits. It allows for almost any craving to be satisfied with a few keystrokes or one phone call. Life in the United Arab Emirates has allowed for anything to be delivered at your doorstep within 1-5 business days.

A Cake Delivery in Abu Dhabi, for example, can be sent to your preferred location so long as the appropriate preparation time is given. If a specialized cake is required, once the information has been passed on, at least a 24- hour notice is expected to perfect your vision. The cake once complete will then be dropped off at your doorstep without you needing to leave the comfort of home. Thankfully most online pastry shops offer way more options than specialized cakes. Having any combination of those favorite sweet treats is literally a phone call or an email away.

A Growing Trend

Recalling the need for cravings is important here because, during simpler times, a craving would have been solved with a 100% natural remedy. If something sweet was desired, a fruit in the form of berries or a tuber such as a sweet potato would have been the only choices. With the rise in highly processed foods, cravings can be easily satisfied with a pack of chips or some other junk. This replacement of highly nutritious foods has caused the growing trend of growing waistlines to balloon to concerning levels. A solution to this global health concern requires planning an action from the consuming party.

There are times when a craving arises, but the solution does not have to always be a snack; but if it must be, reduce portion size or try a healthier version of that favorite go-to snack. Another actionable idea is keeping active; visit the local mall and park a few minutes away. By parking further than usual, calories can be burnt walking toward the store. If this is not possible, research has shown that thirty minutes per week of a vigorous workout is all that is needed to maintain fitness.

So, place your health as a priority and schedule one workout on a light day to ensure the long-term enjoyment of your favorite foods at least in this lifetime.
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