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Five tips that can help you increase your workforce’s productivity

No matter if the organization is a smaller one or large, it’s driven by efficiency, motivation and productivity numbers. The company’s survival and sustainability can come under a cloud due to lower efficiency and productivity.

Employee’s productivity is something that both the employee and employer are responsible for. There are several factors related to the work culture and workplace that impact the productivity. Here are some tips from Online Time Clock Genie that you help you derive best out of your workforce.

Offer assistance instead of trying micromanagement

In order to help employees to show their best performance and deliver results, you should definitely offer assistance and show them the direction as and when required. However, at the same time, make sure that you give them the necessary freedom and let them operate according to their own style. Put your trust in them. They will automatically feel motivated and encouraged once they realize that you trust them.

On the other hand, if you use micromanagement, your workforce would start behaving like puppets.

Set accountability for everyone

Delegate the responsibility in such a way that every employee should be made accountable for his decisions and actions. Anyone should not be able to pass the blame on someone else. This will make sure that no one in the organization takes reckless decisions or takes advantage of his or her position. Accountability also ensures that everyone performs up to a certain standard.

The encouragement factor

In today's era, money is not the only factor that can help companies to retain employees. They must be encouraged and appreciated for their performance. Words of encouragement will motivate them to perform even better. Use innovative ways to keep the workforce motivated. Company-paid dinner for family or even company-paid holidays (if you have that kind of budget of course) can prove to be great surprises for best performers. It will also encourage others to perform better because this shows the organization appreciates them, needs them.

Set realistic targets

In this era of job cuts and cost cutting, companies believe in getting their job done with the help of minimum workforce.  Thus, employees are forced to stretch beyond their capacity. Goals are often unachievable. Managers try to get the job done with aggressiveness and this is what forces the employees to resign and look for another job. So, make sure that the company sets realistic targets instead of pushing everyone towards their limit.

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Show interest in listening to what your employees say

People love to work with the management that is interested in listening to what they say. Individuals appreciate a boss who appears humane and easily approachable. No one wants to work with someone who is a distant figure or larger than life.

So, managers should reach out to everyone in their team in order to encourage people and get the best productivity out of them.
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