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Hard Shell Body Armour

Equipping a bulletproof vest allows users to respond despite taking the impact of an assailant’s firearm. In order to no get hurt, hard shell body armour provides not only protection of the lift. The several variants are: Trailblazer range, Slick range, Neptune range, Triumph range, Mole General Purpose, Gallant range. Each of them has many utilities and advantages, depending on the preferences of army men. They usually choose what fits best and protects them from anything.

The Guardian, the first one provides protection in high threat situations and one of its unique features are the Kevlar surrounding the groin, protecting the throat and the shoulder area and we offer additional bicep protection.

The second one has several straps surrounding the vest to provide outstanding fit, support and comfort, allowing the user to secure him within the vest adjusting fit. It has the Air Mesh incorporated to provide its breathable feature for maximum air flow.

The third vest provides considerable protection in the water along with the capability to float for an entire day using its buoyancy force of 150N and its built-in CO2 container. The vest armour inflates in just five seconds and provides users the option to float manually or automatically and has a specialized collar that assists the user in the water.

The fourth vest provides ample protection against any 9mm round despite its slim and lightweight features is a specialized armour that users usually equip in mission locations with a hot temperate and has the ability to prevent overheating through its thermo-regulator feature and sweat management system.

The fifth is a simplistic vest that utilizes a jacket-style feature for easy equip and remove action and has padding that wraps around the user’s body for additional comfort and support. It’s one of the most advanced in terms of protection due to its Modular Kevlar style protection system.

The last has the Quick Release vest that gives the user the liberty to remove the vest at any moment especially when providing medical assistance to a soldier in distress, allowing the user to jump into the water and still have the protection it gives on the surface.

Army men should really consider these high hard body shell armour equipment to help them protect and prevent serious injuries, because military isn’t easy and choosing our armour it will not only offer protection from most small caliber firearms, but also protect its wearer from suffering fatal injuries from a car or motorcycle crash.

Thus, it is definitely a must-have for any individual engaged in police or military duties and activities.
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