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How to check the condition of the car after winter

Some automakers recommend you do an unscheduled servicing right after the end of the autumn-winter period and change the main consumables (oil, filters). Apparently, there is a reason for that. But even if the car seems fine, an additional diagnostics will clearly not be superfluous.

In the spring and summer periods, there are certain peculiarities regarding car operation which should be adhered to. In general, one does not need to be a great expert to understand the simple truth: a car inspection after winter and the elimination of the problems found can help avoid more serious breakdowns and, as a result, expensive repairs in the future. This is true even for reliable Japanese cars such as Toyota RAV4 or Toyota Camry.

Car body. Obviously, the car body undergoes the most severe tests during the cold season. The stones flying from the wheels of other cars, fragments of ice, constant temperature changes provoke increased wear of paintwork. Shards, cracks, scratches are formed and, as a result, rust appears, which it is almost impossible to get rid of. Therefore, with the onset of the first dry and sunny days, you need to get your car to a car wash to eliminate all the dirt and consequently assess the scale of the disaster. After that, you can go to a service station, where the specialist will remove damage done to the paintwork and polish the car.

Suspension. The suspension gets its damage as well. According to statistics, almost 70% of the damages associated with the suspension occur in winter. Therefore, during the diagnosis, you need to pay special attention to the condition of stabilizers, shock absorbers, ball bearings and other elements of the automotive "skeleton". By the way, disks also get damaged quite a lot. More often than not, it is possible to restore their geometry with the help of special tools but in rare cases, you will need to purchase new disks.

Engine and electronics. In winter, the engine is not working in the most favorable conditions due to the temperature differences, regular warm-ups and the continuous operation of the heater. Thus, when the car is being services, you should ask to check the condition of the plugs, the valve clearances, the condition of the belt and the timing chain. Also, if possible, you should replace the engine oil and the oil filter.

Electronics and the battery. These are really not very good with humidity and frost. And it may happen that, as soon as it gets warmer, some systems will suddenly fail even if you own an incredibly dependable car like a Toyota 4runner. For example, the lights in the headlights will burn out or some sensors will stop working. It is also possible that the air conditioner will malfunction. Therefore, it is better to check the electronics.

And finally, when the summer is about to settle in and the average temperature approaches 8-10 degrees Celsius, you can put on summer tires. In addition, it is necessary to change the washer liquid for the summer one that has the components that help wipe off the insects.
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