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Suitable for all your meetings- Conference Venues Glasgow

As a part of a big corporate or an organization, you understand the importance of conferences. The brainstorming sessions or the updates session on the company’s progress is an integral part of the growth of an organization. For the brain to work effectively, you need to have an extremely conducive environment. Which is why; we have drafted a list of the best conference venues in Glasgow to fit your requirement:

1) Double Tree by Hilton Glasgow Central
With a capacity of 1500 people, Double Tree Hilton is the perfect option when you need to host a conference in Glasgow. There is a car parking with 200 spaces available and the event management team here is extremely efficient. Furthermore, the venue also boasts of great food; which is sure to keep your employees and delegates happy.
2) The Studio Glasgow
The Studio Glasgow has often won in our list of best conference venues in Glasgow. The reason for this is the easy accessibility to the site. It is situated right in the heart of the city and is connected to most major transport links. It also boasts of 6 meeting rooms and can accommodate up to 260 people.
3) Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centres
With more than 16 rooms as options and with a capacity ranging from 500-2000 people; Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre is one of the most coveted options to hold conferences in the whole of Scotland. The event team here is not only efficient but prioritizes the requirements of the clients foremost and customizes an experience for you. Situated at a great location, this place is a great option to consider.
4) Campanile Glasgow Airport
If you do not have a very large group of people to host the conference for; then you can consider the Campanile hotel. Campanile Hotel is reputed chain of budget hotels situated around Europe. It consists of 4 meeting rooms and can capacitate up to 70 people. If you are looking at a conference which goes over a day, then the hotel also has 103 bedrooms where you can comfortably accommodate your staff.
5) Theatre Royal Glasgow
If you intend to have a meet with more than 1000 people, for the whole company perhaps- then you should consider Theatre Royal Glasgow. With an apt location and an excellent event management team to back up your conference; this place is a great option.
6) Hilton Glasgow
Hilton Glasgow boasts of 15 different meeting rooms and offers you great value for money. If you are planning to host an event for more than one day; then you also have at your disposal-approximately 300 rooms that you can hire.
7) Eden Business Centre, Glasgow
If you want a meeting with a small group of people and do not have a very high budget; then Eden Business Centre is a great conference venue for Glasgow. There are four meeting rooms here. The place can easily accommodate up to 500 people and is nestled in a great location.
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