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Suspended Centerpiece Ideas for Weddings

Suspended centerpieces are an aesthetic choice many couples are beginning to make for their wedding day. Not only does this save space on the tables at your reception, it also adds to your décor. You can even use it as a method to hand out your wedding favors, so the possibilities are endless!

One example of a suspended centerpiece that you could use at your wedding is hanging terra cotta pots full of flowers in your wedding colors. Hanging one over each table is a simple way to incorporate flowers into your décor while still including a touch of originality in your wedding.

A rustic style wedding would call for a different type of centerpiece. One suggestion is to use a combination of potted herbs and mix-cut flower stems. This allows you to pick and choose several different types of flowers if that is your preference.

While most couples use several round tables to serve their guests dinner at, some are instead choosing to use longer dinner tables that allow a greater number of guests to be grouped together. For this type of table the best suspended centerpiece is often ferns and flowers, which will make the tables, seem longer and make the décor look more elegant.

To create a suspended centerpiece that lets you skip the flowers, take some sculptured pieces of rope made from macramé and suspend them from the ceiling. Not only is this cheaper than using flowers in your centerpieces, it is easier to set up and take down. Macramé planters will complete the décor perfectly.

Another option for centerpieces that don’t include flowers is hanging candles over your guests’ tables. You can stagger the height that each candle hangs at, giving your centerpiece more depth. This is often the perfect choice for an evening wedding reception.

Lights can be included in your centerpieces in other ways as well. A combination of light bulbs and paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling provides your guests with a conversation piece. Silver candle holders complete the centerpiece, though you can also choose to use galvanized buckets of white flowers to add to it even more.

If you are holding your wedding reception under a canopy you can string white or clear Christmas lights from it for a fun centerpiece that adds to the ambience of your wedding. You can run wires from the ceiling of the canopy to each guest table and adorn them with leafy garlands. This can also serve to light your outdoor dance floor as well.

Using a simple “clothesline” method, you can hang wedding favors such as sparklers above each table. You can get sparklers for your wedding in a variety of different lengths, so they work for all different styles of hanging centerpieces. You can even get sparklers shaped like hearts like the ones from this wedding sparklers company to match the rest of your décor. If you prefer to hand out favors other than wedding sparklers instead, the “clothesline” method works for plenty of other items as well. To pay tribute to the child in all of us, you can even use pastel colored garlands and string balloons from them. They will then hover above each table during your wedding reception.

Centerpieces don’t have to be limited to just your guests’ dining tables. You can make a focal centerpiece for the dessert table a focal centerpiece using a combination of fresh greens and creamy, soft colored flowers for a delicate and feminine style.

You will find that suspended centerpieces free up space on your dining tables so that there is more room for everyone. Having clutter-free tables at your reception is the best way to keep mingling and socializing throughout the evening.
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