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What Things to Look for While Buying Commercial Property?

The locale of your office is very important not only in terms of adding to your business reputation but also for day to day business operations. If your office is situated in some dingy place that is way off the main road and not easy to access, then you will find it very difficult to attract new clients for your business.

It is important that you select a prominent place to establish your base of operations like leasing out an office space in Netaji Subhash Place. The reason that a good locality is so important for your business is that besides the reputation, a good locality also provides a host of other facilities that are very important to run a business successfully. If you are running a high-end company, then it is important that you have the following services in your office premises or nearby.

1). Central AC: The rising temperature in cities like Delhi makes working very hard, so it pays to keep the employees comfortable who will return it back handsomely in the long run by increasing productivity.

2). Elevators: If you like your office to have a bird’s eye view of the surrounding areas by renting one of the top floors of a tall building, then make sure that it has an elevator otherwise, the daily climbing up and down from your office will be very tiresome for all, especially older people.

3). Internet and Wi-Fi facilities: In this modern age internet connection is a pre-requisite to run any business successfully. You should make sure that there is complete Wi-Fi coverage in your office area so that the employees can access the office server through their smartphones or iPads.

4). Power backup: If you have rented an office space in Netaji Subhash Place make sure that it has a power backup. Business nowadays runs mainly through computers, Wi-Fi, Fax, telex and so on. So, it is important for your company to stay running that you have a proper backup plan (like a generator).

5). Security: Security of your business should be one of your biggest priorities. In today’s world, stealing is not only about taking some expensive equipment from your office premises but it also includes stealing your idea or some classified company data. To prevent this, you need security cover from some premium security services to guard your office 24x7 using CCTV coverage.

6). Easy access: Besides the modern and glitzy look, your office should also be easily accessible through proper roads and like metro station so that your employees can commute from their homes without any hassle. It would be a great advantage for the out of the city clients if the location of your office is near an Airport or railway station.

7). Good hotels and convention centres nearby: If you expand your business and need to interact with clients from another part of the country as well as the world, then it is important that your office is near some reputed hotels where your guests can stay when they come visiting you to negotiate for some business deals.

8). Banks to facilitate business: Banks play a big part in your day to day business operations. It is, therefore, important that there should be a bank close to your office so that it becomes easier for you to transact all your financial dealing through it in a secure manner.

If you find all these facilities near a space you are planning to establish your office, then it’s a winner. Make sure that you draw up the contract where all big and small things are mentioned before making the final plunge of buying an office space.

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