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Working and living in one of the fastest growing HiTech cities in India

Life in Hyderabad offers the benefits of living in a metro but at a relatively lower cost of living. It is among the Indian cities that have a perfect mix of modern living and ancient landmarks. The City of Pearls has some of the best educational institutions and delivers a great standard of living. The IT industry of the city is also one of the fastest growing,and is constitutes a vibrant job market.A number of shopping malls, 5-star hotels and other perks of a major metro city can be found in the city. At the same time there are also several places of historic significance. The cultural diversity of the city makes it a great place to reside in for people from various regions. 

Working in Hyderabad:

Hyderabad is one of the major IT hubs in India. With the job market in the city expanding, there are many professionals and graduates moving to the city for jobs. Unlike other metro cities in India where the job market in general and the IT industry in particular, is approaching saturation, the situation in Hyderabad is very encouraging. The traffic in Hyderabad reflects the increasing population, with busy roads and frequent bottlenecks. Car hire in Hyderabad aims to ease commuting and parking woes by making it possible to hire self drive cars for the daily office commute. Providers like Zoomcar even offer special rates for car-pooling with plans like Zoom-commute with the aim to reduce the number of cars on the road. Sharing a self-drive car for commuting can go a long way in the reducing the pressure on Hyderabad’s road.

Life in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is one of the safest cities in India and has a lower crime rate than most other metros. It has a large number of schools and colleges offering high quality education. Impressive medical facilities, easy shopping and entertainment are a few of the many factors which make it a pleasant city to live in for individuals and well as families. The city is home to popular tourist destinations including the Golkonda Fort, Charminar and Ramoji Film city among others. The Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad makes it easy to fly in and out of the city. For commuting by train, the major railway station in Hyderabad is the Nampally Railway Station. With the option to choose a car for rent in Hyderabad, self driving is within the reach of anyone who has a valid driving license.
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