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Advantages of Custom Software Development

It can often seem much easier to buy a product off the shelf rather than pay for someone to design exactly what you need.  In many ways the attitude that custom is expensive and for certain types of people and business, stems from the divide between rich and poor.  

However, having your own custom software development project can have a range of positive benefits on your business, customers and even your team.  It is surprising how much difference this can make:


The first advantage of custom software development is improved productivity.  When a product is designed to meet your specific needs you will be forced to look at the processes involved in the designated area.

For example, whilst an off the shelf solution will probably handle basic customer interaction it may struggle with obtaining the right details to cover a custom manufacturing job.  This will be something that may have to be done manually after a quote has been requested.  However, a custom software development will know exactly which questions need to be asked and answered to ensure a price can be given instantly.

The result is less time spent by people following up to create a quote and more time available to create the actual product.  The custom software development will ensure your staff has the maximum amount of time possible to be productive; increasing the profits and image of your firm.

Understanding of Business as a Whole

To be sure you develop the right custom software you will need to take a look at the whole of your business.  It is likely that the custom software development will be for a specific part of your business.  In order to fully understand any part of your business and create the right product it will be essential to see how this part connects with the other parts.

The result is a much deeper understanding of the various processes in place and how they interact.  Adding a custom software product to your company’s infrastructure will force you to evaluate every part of the business and ensure they are all working to the best of their ability.   This will ensure you have a much better understanding of how your business works and how to improve the processes in the future. 

Cost Saving

Both of the above factors can inevitably lead to a cost saving within the firm.  The freeing of time to prevent unnecessary following up for quotes will increase productivity by allowing your staff more time to create rather than design.  It will also help you too understand how the business departments interact with each other.  Analysis of the way this works is highly likely to lead to the identification of opportunities to change and improve it.

These improvements will help to reduce costs and hassle between departments.  They will all have a better understanding of how the other departments work and better communication and integration.
Having your own custom software development can be more expensive at the outset, but these costs can be off-set and can actually reduce the overheads of the business in the medium term.
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