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Approach These 10 Trustworthy Brands While Buying Air Coolers In India

It is only May, and summer sun is already blowing us with full heat. No matter what we do, we can’t run away from this heat. And AC is just an expensive alternative to escape from heat, which can end up adding an extra figure in our electricity bill. God bless the person, who invented Air Coolers, not only these air machines are affordable, but they also don’t affect the meter of your electricity bill too much, so you can peacefully sleep enjoying cool air provided by coolers. Considering the importance of air Coolers in our lives we have listed the top 10 most popular brands of air coolers in India. 

1. Bajaj
Bajaj is the most trusted Indian brand. They are known for bringing the latest technology, with stylish designs, which are compact, in tall or tower designs. They sell these air coolers at an affordable price starting from just Rs 4888. They are considered the best in the industry and offer almost every latest and advanced feature known in the air cooler manufacturing history. Anything from instant cooling to ice chamber, speed setting to air purification, name it and Bajaj offers these features.    

2. Symphony 

It is amongst the first choice of anyone, stepping out to invest in an air cooler. Their wide range of variety can be considered as the biggest plus point for the brand. They are known for catering industrial as well as domestic needs. All their products are built with eco friendly technology. Symphony air coolers are available at a price of Rs 5791.   

3. Crompton Greaves

Crompton Greaves is an air cooler brand which is known for selling good looking devices with brilliant features. They are manufactured using a futuristic design, which offers faster and longer air cooling in the room. The brand name boasts its high quality built and glossy structure which is loved by hundreds of users. Crompton air coolers start from Rs 6677.

4. Usha

Usha is one of the oldest air cooler manufacturers in the world. They have a wide variety of air coolers to choose from. Usha Air coolers comprises of great features like fast cooling, easy mobility, long durability, fan speed options and more, all wrapped in one. You can buy Usha’s air coolers from your local outlet or you can order them online. It starts from a price range of Rs 10,000. Despite having a higher price range than most of its contemporaries, Usha still holds a dominating position in the market with over 1 million satisfied users.    

5. Sansui 

Sansui is the most trusted brand in India. They have over 20 Lakh customers in the country. They offer some of the best air coolers. Most of their air coolers comprise of features like ice chamber, air blast, fast cooling, and durability. They also offer a 1-year warranty with most of their air coolers. Sansui Cooler starts from a price range of only Rs 5436. Its tank capacity starts from 35 liters to around 200 liters based on the domestic and industrial type of air coolers.

6. Kenstar

Are you looking for multiple variety and designs? Than Kenstar is the right brand for buying air cooler for you. It offers some of the best designs of air coolers in the market. It also offers features like innovative cooling, bacterial protection, with great durability, noncorrosive body, all of this at a very nominal price. Kenstar Air coolers start from the range of Rs 5444. They also offer 5-star rating air coolers which can help you save some extra bucks on your bill.   

7. Khaitan

Khaitan is amongst the oldest brand that brought air coolers in the country. They offer 7 different variants of air coolers all with powerful performance, quick cooling, sturdily built, easy mobility and low sound disturbance. They start from a price range of Rs 6295.  

8. Maharaja Whiteline

Maharaja is another renowned name in the air cooler business. They are known for selling high style models. They also offer features like quick cooling, air purification, and power saving. They start from an affordable price of Rs 5799, delivering the best quality. Some of its variants also offer mosquito protection and anti bacterial protection. 

9. McCoy

McCoy is a popular home and kitchen appliance manufacturer, which is known for selling superior quality, rust proof air coolers. The brand claims to offer to compete for cooling against the AC cooling. These coolers start from a nominal price range starting at just Rs 5890.        

10. Ram Coolers

One of the most popular Indian air cooler brand, Ram Coolers, manufactures high-quality coolers for both industrial as well as domestic use. You can find cooler starting from 4000 to 30000, in their wide range of options. Their coolers are manufactured with galvanized steel, which comprises of high-quality electrical parts. It also offers different size variants with wide ranging capacities.


Here are some of the most popular air cooler brands that can help you beat the heat this summer. All of these brands can be trusted. You can make the choice based on the brand, which offers you with the maximum features in your coolers, within your desired price range. You can go for brands like Bajaj or Symphony, in case you have any doubt regarding your choice, they offer both best quality and an affordable price. 
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