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Choose The Right Flowers For Right Occasion And Spell The Brilliance

Flowers are adorable! Whether given or received, they evoke a sense of joy and happiness.

There is no occasion that wouldn't need flowers to complete it. Hence, they make the most meaningful gift one can send or receive. A perfect looking bunch of blossoms would color any occasion beautifully, be it wedding, birthday, anniversary or a housewarming. Flowers go well with not-so-happy moments too, like a condolence meeting or a farewell party.

But all flowers do not go well with all celebrations. One must choose wisely as per the event, and also the likes & dislikes of the recipient. So the question is, which flowers to choose for a particular occasion, so that they complement the merriment or the melancholy of the moment.

In all actuality, flowers must convey a message straight from the heart, without a lot of words being spoken. Let us find out which flowers convey which message, and make a perfect choice for each occasion of life.

Flowers for Weddings

Weddings are the occasions that exude absolute cheer and joy for all. About any flower would go with this extremely important event of life. Roses, carnations, lilies, lotus or gerberas, all flowers are a perfect gift for the occasion. Make sure to choose the colors such as red, pink, orange or any other vibrant one.

Flowers For Anniversaries

Anniversaries commemorate the yearly milestones of love, sharing and caring. The ideal flowers for this celebration are roses and carnations. Both convey a message of eternal love. Make sure the flowers chosen are of effervescent hues. A thoughtfully created basket of ripe fruits to go with flowers will make a memorable flower delivery in Bangalore for an anniversary party.

Flowers For Birthdays

Cheerful gerberas and calming lilies, both are just fine for birthday parties. Gifting a bunch of these to the one who is celebrating the birthday, would make the person feel special and loved. These flowers convey warm wishes of success and growth in life. A pack of delicious chocolates accompanying the flowers would make your loved one relish the gift even more.

Flowers for Farewell Party

The idyllic flowers to bid farewell are chrysanthemums, gerberas, carnations, lilies and marigolds. These flowers convey the deepest feelings of respect, regard and escalation in future life. You can gift individual flower bunches or an assortment of all, the choice is yours.

To bring in the calm and restore peace to the grieving family, white is the color. Hence, a bunch of white flowers like carnations, lilies or daisies would represent your truest emotions of support to the family with absolute purity. Thus, they make a good choice for expressing grief and offering comfort.

Flowers to Wish "Get Well Soon"

All kinds of bright, cheerful and fragrant flowers would do good for this wish. Pink or orange roses, pink lilies, yellow gerberas, red carnations, or pink lotus, all of them have a healing appeal to them and they carry the power the enliven a dull atmosphere. You can present these flowers to a loved one feeling sick, in beautiful glass vase to be kept around them and keep the surroundings joyful.

Flowers for Baby-shower

For a new-born, choose gentle colors such as pink and purple. Pink roses, purple orchids, and pink lilies, convey the emotions of tender love and care. A beautiful bunch wrapped in colorful ribbons is going to make the recipient energized and thrilled. Along with the flowers for a baby-shower, do not forget to add some soft and cuddly toys, and a delicious cake.

The perfect flower bunch chosen thoughtfully for an occasion goes a long way in leaving a mark on your loved ones, and reinforcing the bonds at the same time.
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