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Cloudnine fertility’s guidance on the ways to conceive and treasure motherhood

Nothing else in this world can be compared to the joy of becoming a mother and holding the little one in your arms. It has been rightly said that a child gives birth to a mother. There are women who are waiting and trying hard to experience this feeling. But with the advent of technology and latest medical facilities available in hospitals, conceiving has become simpler and easier. The different ways to conceive a baby are:

  1. Ovulation Kit: An ovulation kit is a kit that helps in determining the fertility rate and the best time to have intercourse. Most women ovulate once in a month and if the egg is fertile and released from the ovary, you can get pregnant. These kits are very similar to pregnancy tests kit and look for luteinizing hormone (LH) to predict when the ovulation will occur. This hormone is always there in the urine but its quantity increases twenty four to forty eight hours prior to ovulation.
  2. Being healthy: Being healthy before, during and after pregnancy is extremely important for a woman. Folic Acid is a vital nutrient that helps in reducing birth defects drastically. You should start taking folic acid at least one month before you are trying to conceive. You should avoid other unhealthy habits as well like doping, smoking or consuming alcohol. It is even said that ladies should limit their caffeine content.
  3. The timing of sex: Once you get to know the time of your ovulation with the help of ovulation kit, you should start planning sex during that window that is usually two –three days before ovulation till the day you ovulate.
  4. Test Tube Baby process: IVF or In Vitro Fertilization is one of the most effective procedures for getting pregnant. This method is also called the test tube baby process as the egg is fertilized outside a woman’s body in a laboratory dish and then inserted into a woman’s uterus. Once the egg has been inserted, woman can carry out the pregnancy like a normal one. The process might differ in different hospitals but it is usually done by first suppressing the natural menstrual cycle with the help of injections. After that, FSH or follicle stimulating hormone is given to the woman which helps in producing more eggs than the usual. The procedure can be examined with the help of ultrasounds. Then the eggs are sucked out with the help of a needle and placed along with the male sperm in a laboratory dish in a controlled temperature. After that the zygote or the fertilized egg is inserted into the woman’s uterus.
  5. Surrogacy: Surrogacy means substitution or replacement. When a woman’s uterus is unable to carry on pregnancy, this method is used. Initially the same process of IVF is followed and after that, the fertile egg is inserted into other woman’s uterus and then the pregnancy is carried out by the other woman.
It is every woman’s right to become mother and cherish motherhood. Everything is possible with the help of science. But one needs to be positive, full of determination and follow a healthy lifestyle in order to feel the blessings of being a mother.
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