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Don’t Automate Your Business Phones

If you run a business that takes a lot of phone calls, you could be forgiven for being tempted to automate your phone system. That is especially true if you have a business that spans different time zones. For example, if you have a business that sells widgets in the UK and the US, you could have some serious time zone issues. When it is 5:00pm in Los Angeles, it is 1:00am in London. That could create some major problems. However, you still should not automate your phones. The data is very clear: customers don’t like it. 

The Research Data
Several researchers over the years have determined that the overwhelming majority of customers do not like talking to automated phone systems. The numbers are quite striking. Around 80% of customers report disliking talking to automated phone systems. Furthermore, 45% have considered using a different company’s services simply because they do not have automated phones. That could cause you to lose a significant chunk of your revenue. The alternative for high call volume or calls at odd hours is a professional message-taking service. A service such as Message Direct answers your phones in a professional manner.
Message-taking Service
A professional message-taking service is fairly simple. You set up automatic forwarding to the company you choose. When customers call, they will be instantly forwarded to the message-taking service. The service will answer the phone acting as your business. They will take a message from your client or customer, and then deliver it to you.
The message can be delivered in many different ways. One of the most common is simply by emailing you the message or sending you SMS messages. You can work out with the messaging service how you would like to be notified.
The Benefits
The benefits of a professional message-taking service are myriad. Most people report that they feel more comfortable talking to another human being about their needs. In addition, the service allows you to be able to answer your customers instantly, regardless of the time of day or night. You can forward your calls while you’re asleep or while you are away for weeks on holiday. The choice is yours. You never have to be unresponsive to your customers.
In the fast-paced twenty-first century business climate, being unresponsive is horrible for your business. There are so many competing companies that people will not wait for you. If one company or client doesn’t respond, they will simply turn to another one who does something similar to what you do. Staying responsive is absolutely essential.
You should look for a company that allows you to transfer your phone calls quickly and with very little hassle. You should also pay for every call that they answer and not by a general contract. That will allow you to quickly scale your business up and down depending on the need. For example, if you have a spike in calls, your message-taking costs will go up, but so will your business revenue. If you have fewer calls, then you won’t pay as much for message-taking.
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